Back to Normal


This past week has left me feeling like I’m coming out of a fog. The past couple months have been tough, and while things haven’t gotten any better on the job front, I’m not as depressed about it. I imagine the nice weather has helped with that – nothing like waking up to rain to kill any motivation to do anything.

I’ve also gotten out twice this week to go hiking – both times were so well needed. Being home so much is weird, and while I know that I should take advantage of the time to get outside, write more, and sleep in, I feel guilty whenever I do. I constantly have to remind myself that taking care of my body takes care of my mind, too.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I’ll leave you with some more beautiful photos from my hike on Monday!




Oh, and one from yesterday – the cottonwood is so bad here that in some places, it looks like it’s snowing!

There was so much cottonwood on the trails today it looked like snow. #allergies #hiking


Beach Hunter


While Seattle didn’t have much of a winter, I can definitely tell that spring is definitely here! I decided to take a short break from job applications to find a park in my new neighborhood. I’ve been craving some beach time, and even though it’s not beach weather yet, it was nice to get out by the water. This one is only a few minutes away from home, and when the sun is shining, it’s a great way to kill some time in the afternoon.



I ran across these two ducks while on a short hike around the park. They were a little too friendly – you could tell they are fed by park-goers all the time. Thankfully, they kept their distance and let me take a few photos before heading on my way!


By the time I was done with my short hike, the sun had faded away and storm clouds rolled in. I made a quick beeline for the car, and barely made it home before it started storming! Normally I don’t mind a little rain, but I had my camera with me and nowhere to hide it if it started pouring, so I had to cut my trip a little short. I can’t wait to head back there soon, hopefully with D, for a nice picnic or afternoon on the beach when it gets a little warmer outside.

I can’t wait to find more great parks in the area. This was a great place to start, though!

Life on Instagram: Moving…again!


(Clockwise from top-left)

1. Not long after I took those lovely photos of my apartment, we packed it all up and moved again. My husband got a job closer to Seattle, and since I had just heard I wasn’t working anymore, it made no sense to stay an hour-plus drive from where D works – the commute was killing him. I was really sad to leave this apartment, since it was the first one I chose and decorated purely on my own. Almost half the time I lived there I was alone, and I’m going to miss my tiny sanctuary. I am, however, very excited to have separate bathrooms again. Sharing a bathroom any longer would have ruined our marriage. 😉

2. This was by far the fastest move we’ve ever done. From start to finish, moving the furniture only took about 3 hours (including the almost 45 minute drive), thanks to my brother in law helping with the heavy lifting. It rained the entire time, so it was also the messiest move we’ve ever done. Our mattress is still streaked with dirt from being dropped. We’ve been here almost a month now, and still adjusting to having so much more space. Everything feels half empty now.

3. One of the biggest selling points with this apartment is the location. This photo was taken from our living room. Since the apartment is built on a steep hill, it feels way more secluded than it is. Also, just beyond that hill is a pretty nice hiking trail. It’s great to finally live close within walking distance of great trails, which is the only thing keeping me sane right now!

4. It has taken almost a month, but things are finally starting to feel moved in. Not having a job has made decorating extremely difficult, since I don’t have a lot of stuff anymore and we have a LOT of blank walls. This place doesn’t feel like home at all yet, but we’re getting there in small ways.

This last move was a bittersweet one for me. Part of me really loved that last apartment – it was the first place I chose myself, and I felt reflected my style more than anywhere else I’ve lived. I didn’t have to compromise for what someone else wanted, and got to decorate it however I felt worked for me. It was a lot more feminine and modern than any other apartment we’ve lived in, and I miss that already. I’m sure I’ll work more of that into our current place, once I have the budget to do so. This is also the first apartment I’ve lived in where they say I can paint, so I might be experimenting with that soon (since tan walls are the WORST). Sure, they’re going to charge me to paint it back when we move, but I’m willing to cough that up not to have shitty tan walls anymore!

Of course, there are things I like about our new place. The location is much better, since it’s only about 20 minutes from Seattle, instead of an hour. We’re also a lot closer to the water, which I’m sure will be a huge plus in the summer months. I’m also closer to better shopping, hiking, and other fun stuff. I also have more counter space now than I’ve ever had, so cooking has been a LOT easier than in the past!

I know I haven’t shown you much of the apartment yet, but I will once things are less “in transition.” I have a lot of great ideas for this space…I just need the budget to go do them!

Just in Time


After six months of living in this apartment, I finally feel like I got some rooms completely finished. It took a lot of work, time, and shopping, but the kitchen, dining room, and my office nook are pretty much done…

…just in time for us to move again!

We’re moving into a bigger apartment a LOT closer to work, and within walking distance to several hiking trails (the biggest sell for me, of course). Moving always sucks, but this time I’m looking forward to an easier move than last time! At least this time I won’t have to fit everything I own into a car (though I’m pretty sure I could do it again…it’s not like I bought much over the last 6 months).

Part of me is going to miss this place. It’s the first time I’ve lived alone in a long time (for the first few months anyway), and the first one I truly had control over decorating. Our next place is the first one I’ve been given permission to paint, so I’m excited to do that in the next couple months. We will also each have our own bathrooms again. I’m really excited about that (boys are gross, am I right?).





Between packing, work stuff, and more packing, I can’t imagine I’ll be online much this week. I hope everyone has a great week, and if I’m smart I’ll be back next week with some decent “before” pics of the new place!

Life on Instagram

This was supposed to go up on Friday, but things got busier than usual last week! Better late than never, right?

Here’s what’s been going on lately on my Instagram:image(Clockwise from top-left)

Whenever I feel down about moving so far away from home, I remember that it’s sunny and 60 here most days! / Been on a popcorn kick lately. Not really into watching movies, though – but when you live with a film geek, you endure it. / Decided I need to get better at taking selfies…and air-drying my hair more often (so much easier!) / When your husband refuses to leave the house, you get creative about putting together his Valentine’s Day surprise!

imageGetting stuck in traffic in Seattle (which happens every day) is so much easier with a view like this! / Thoroughly enjoyed laughing my ass off at the SNL40 special. The Californians is one of my all-time favorites! / Decided to give cutting my own hair a try – and it turned out pretty good (though I might have to do some tweaking once it grows out a bit) / A Polish Mardi Gras tradition – paczki! I had to drive to Tacoma to find them, and the trip was totally worth it! This was one thing I thought I’d have to give up living outside the Midwest, but no!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of what I’ve been up to!

Life on Instagram


(Clockwise from top-left)

Starting off the day by cleaning up my desk area and getting organized / Took a trip to the local library to find some new recipes / First attempt at buckwheat galettes with eggs (didn’t care for them) / Spent my only afternoon home alone in over a month cleaning up and decorating


The amazing view from a nearby park where I went hiking for the first time since I moved here / Started a new book the other day, and I’m starting to get my love of reading back / Seven-layer dip for dinner Wednesday night, and it was just what the doctor ordered! / Spent most of Thursday job hunting, and trying to make the place feel a bit more like home (even if it may no longer be in a couple months!)

I hope everyone had a great week, and that those of you out east are staying warm as always!

Have an amazing weekend, and I’ll see you all back on Monday!

Finding a New (Hiking) Path


Hiking is something I haven’t done much of since I moved here, partly because when I was working I did enough walking to compensate for it. My first few months here were also rough because I felt like I could never find anything. Venturing out to find a new park to go hiking in seemed too daunting when I could barely find a grocery store. Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’m trying to head back out more.


On Tuesday afternoon, I laced up my sneakers and went out to a park not far from home. While it was definitely too small to do any good hiking (especially since most of the park was closed for construction), it was a nice chance to be near the water and chill out for a little while. I didn’t get much hiking done at all, but it was a nice change of pace from sitting at home filling out job applications until my eyes go wonky.


Being from Ohio, it’s not often that I got to spend time near the water, so for me living here has been a bit of a treat. While there are things about living here I don’t like so far, this has to be the biggest upside. It’s still a little weird for me to see places like this and remember that I live here, but it’s a good kind of weird. 🙂

I hope you are all having a good week, and are staying safe if you’re stuck in the snow!