About Me

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Welcome to my (not so) secret corner of the Internet.

In October 2012, I started writing and building this blog as a secret project, just for myself. I didn’t share it with family and friends because, let’s admit it, many of us end up censoring ourselves when our readers are people we see every day.

Here are a few things you should know about me:

1. My name is Heather P. Anything beyond that I keep a mystery for now.

2. I grew up mainly in Ohio. No, I do not farm, wear mom jeans, shop at Wal-Mart (at least not very often), eat fast food every day, or root for The Ohio State Buckeyes.

3. I’m married to a guy I will call D. for now. He may choose to allow me to use his full name later on, but for now, we keep things mysterious with him too. He’s hot, and that’s all you need to know.

4. I’m an English teacher at a community college. Does this mean my writing will adhere to professional guidelines and be grammatically perfect all of the time? Nope. Does it mean I’ll judge you harshly based on the spelling and grammar used in your comments? Maybe a little.

5. Any pictures that I don’t provide links to were taken by me. I’d appreciate it if you borrow them that you ask first, or at least link to my site. Remember, kids – plagiarism is a horrible thing. Cite your work, and I will be diligent about doing the same.

6. No one is sponsoring anything on this site. If I get internet famous, maybe someday I’ll have sponsored stuff or people paying for ad space. Just know that if that day comes, I will be completely honest with you about anything I am getting paid to do. For now, anything I purchase, products I like, or sites I recommend are because I purchased them or personally recommend them.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Just happened upon your blog. I Absolutely love it! Thank you for your diligent research, it makes my life so much easier! I just wanted to ask, what type of skin do you have? I would like to consider that when looking for products myself. Thank you!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I have combination skin that’s a bit acne prone around the chin, so I tend to like products that won’t make my skin feel greasy, and keeps my pores clean. My skin is also a bit on the sensitive side, so I tend to go for cleansers that don’t contain many chemicals and aren’t too harsh.

      Hope that helps!

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