Moving to a New Blog!


The day has finally come for me to close up Fancy Alter Ego, and start over in my new online home over at Afternoon Glow!

While I’m going to miss this space, it’s time for me to move on to something new. I’ll keep this blog open as long as I can, if you’re interested in going back down memory lane. I’ll also do the same with my old social media accounts, but from here on out I’ll be mainly posting only on the new accounts.

Since I’m moving over to the new site today, I wanted to invite you to make the move with me!

Please make sure to update your social media so you can get updates on what I’ll be posting every weekday, and keep up with what’s going on outside of the blog, too!

I hope to hear from all of you soon. Have a great day!

Make the move to Afternoon Glow!

New Website:

Twitter: @afternoonglow

Instagram: @afternoonglow



Bloglovin: Click here to follow!


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