The Birthday Curse

Heather's First Birthday 8

(My first birthday, where I appear to be unwrapping something that looks identical to what I’m already wearing. Awkward. I swear I’m not throwing shade at whoever made such a terrible faux pas.)

Birthdays aren’t my thing.

I don’t know exactly why I’ve never been a big fan of my birthday. Maybe it’s because I’m always battling allergies this time of year. Maybe it’s because there is a 50/50 chance of it being cold and rainy (just like it is this year). Maybe it’s because I hate being put on the spot when it comes to getting gifts (I’m of the “open it after the party” opinion…my family was not). Maybe it’s because, when I was like 6 or 7, my dad chopped the tip of a finger off while gardening the morning of my birthday (I spent the whole day worried about him).

I grew up thinking I was the victim of some kind of birthday curse…like I was destined to have a shitty time. Most of the time I had fun in spite of the sneezing, rain, and pink toys (I have only recently grown to tolerate pink). I love cake and ice cream, and I enjoyed having my family around to celebrate. It’s also the best time of year for strawberries and lilacs – my two favorite smells of summer.

As an adult, I think I went through the same growing pains many of us do when it comes to birthdays. There are no more family parties, and most years I’ve had to work or go to school on my birthday. In college, all of my friends had already gone home for the summer, so I didn’t have anyone to go out with. Most years, I just had dinner with my family and treated myself to some shopping whenever I had the chance.

When my husband and I started dating, I explained the whole “curse” thing to him, and that I didn’t want to do anything for my birthday. Of course, he didn’t listen – but he has found ways to make things more fun, even if I can’t breathe out of my nose.

For starters, he doesn’t buy me birthday gifts. Instead, he takes me out for a day of shopping so I can pick out what I want. I know some of you think that’s insane, and it sucks all the fun out of it – but it’s perfect for me. I’m not big on surprises, and he’s always nervous that he’ll buy the wrong thing. That, and I think he likes spending the day acting like my sugar daddy. 🙂

He also makes me the same cake every year – a strawberry shortcake. He’s done this since my first birthday with him, and it’s perfect because it’s one of my favorite desserts. It’s also one of the few desserts he can make well (he sucks at baking), and I appreciate that I don’t have to make my own cake. I’m looking forward to chowing down on it tomorrow (or today, I guess)!

So in spite of the curse, I have found ways to make my birthday a bit more “me,” thanks to a stubborn husband, and a few tweaks to the traditional birthday celebration.

Here’s to my 32nd birthday – go have a drink or a cupcake for me!

PS: I wanted to send a birthday shout-out to my birthday buddy, Christina of Profresh Style! Hope you have an amazing day!


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