Favorite Blogs: The Glamourai

If there is one blog out there that gives me the high of inspiration, and a serious dose of travel envy, it’s The Glamourai.

I’ve been following Kelly Framel’s insanely glamorous ride for the past few years, and it’s one that leaves you constantly wanting to know more. The blog originally focused mainly on Kelly’s everyday outfits, but quickly evolved into gorgeous editorial spreads that would make Vogue jealous, travel logs from all over the world, and even posts from her adorable younger sister, Erin, about her post-college years living in New York.

Her former apartment, chock full of brass animals, black and white photos, and quirky antiques inspired me to be more creative in my own home. While we haven’t seen much of her current digs, they seem to have a much different, more bohemian vibe – a vibe that seems to compliment her changing style.

Kelly’s style seems to evolve the more she travels, and has gone from urban-quirk to a more refined, pared-down palette of high-quality neutrals in unique cuts (she’s the first woman I saw rock drop-crotch pants), and piles upon piles of jewelry. It has been fun to see her grow and change her style over the years, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for years to come. Her closet isn’t one I would raid completely (not sure I could ever go full-stop on the drop-crotch), but it’s full of one of a kind pieces mixed with staples I would gladly borrow if she let me.

While Kelly’s brand has definitely grown over the years, as has her following, I always get the sense that she is staying true to who she is and always has been. She’s a Texas girl at heart, an admitted vintage junkie, and a wanderer who will probably never stop dreaming up new places to visit. We can only hope to keep up.


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