Work Day (If you count finding a job as work…)


(My little office nook…which is still a work in progress!)

I’m taking the day off of blogging to spend the day focusing on job hunting, and maybe getting outside for a little bit this afternoon. I’ll be back tomorrow with something more fun, I hope!

In the meantime, enjoy some links to things I’ve been reading lately:

One of the prettiest home tours I’ve seen recently!

The Birkin still costs more than my car, but I still dream of buying one someday!

Lip Smackers is closing up shop, and I’m feeling it right in the childhood.

I need to buy more button-down shirts so I can try this look immediately


2 thoughts on “Work Day (If you count finding a job as work…)

  1. Kudos to you for courage — for taking a photo of your work area which does look very inviting (most of us would not be brave enough to post of photo of our desks!) and for getting out there to look for a job. It’s always good to get outside every day, too. Prayers for blessings on you as you go on your way.

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