The Non-Wintery Winter


(Taken last January at the Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs, Ohio.)

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I am missing winter a little bit this year.

It’s strange, but over the past couple years I’ve grown to like being in the snow. Sure, I hate driving in it like everyone else – but being out in nature during this time of year always seems a bit more relaxing, quiet, and restorative. Getting all bundled up and facing the challenges of hiking in the snow and ice was something I looked forward to, once I got used to it.

There hasn’t been much of a winter in Seattle so far. It snowed once right after Thanksgiving, but it was gone within a day or so. It has been in the 50’s most afternoons, and this area doesn’t get much snow. I’m sure if I ventured east a bit I’d find some, but it seems so far away to travel just to see snow.

I know that I sound like a whiny idiot to those of you on the East coast getting slammed by Juno – but I really do wish I could be out in it. So those of you enjoying your snow days, or just happy to get out of the house and back to life today, go outside and take it in a little for me because a little part of me really misses it. 🙂


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