Life on Instagram: January 2015

Every other Friday, I will post an update of my favorite Instagram photos from the past 2 weeks. For this first post, however, we’re going to stick with the entire month of Janaury, since I got off to a slow start this month!

Jan 2015 LonIG

Started off the year by following the Blogilates beginner’s workout calendar / After an indulgent holiday season, I’m getting back into eating healthy (most of the time) / Also getting back into the swing of boring chores, like laundry / It’s great to see my little house plant growing wildly! It’s getting so big!

Jan 2015 LonIG 2

Anyone who has gone through job hunting recently knows how rough it can be. Why not do it somewhere relaxing and comfortable? / My office nook is coming together finally. Can’t wait to actually use it, though! / A clean house is a happy house (and a rare thing indeed) / Was craving Girl Scout cookies and ice cream, so I went all out and had both!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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