Favorite Blogs: Planete Deco (a Homes World)

via Planete Deco (a Homes World)

Once each month, I am going to share with you one of the blogs I have fallen madly in love with over the years. Some of these blogs I have followed for years, and some are more recently discovered reads. I also thought it would be a great idea to share with you what I do read, especially now that I’m working on my own #nomorehauls challenge for 2015.

The first blog I wanted to share with you is a home decor blog, Planete Deco. The blog has been around since 2011, and features home an apartment tours from all over the world – many of which I would gladly move into tomorrow. While Planete Deco is written primarily in French, the site does offer translations into English for those of us who need to bone up on our verb conjugations. I started following Planete Deco a couple years ago because I wanted to start reading more blogs in French, and kept reading because…seriously…the photos are all pin-worthy!

via Planete Deco (a Homes World)

Blogger Lilly Rose captures these spaces in their clean, refined, yet functional realities, rather than making every shot a perfectly coiffed version of itself. Many of the photos are well-staged, sure, but most of them look as if she snuck in while their inhabitants were out for the afternoon, or they are about to have friends over for an evening in.

via Planete Deco (a Homes World)

She also does a feature titled “Les petits surfaces du jour,” or “Small areas of the day,” which focuses on how people design small living areas, often small one-bedroom or studio apartments. I enjoy these, especially now that I’m living in my own small apartment. They are great inspiration for those of us who have to learn to work with little space, awkward layouts, and micro-kitchens or bathrooms. Many of the spaces reflect a realistic approach to design, and show readers how to make the best use of what they do have, and to keep the focus on those architectural or design elements that make their space unique. Most of the posts also include a floor plan at the end, so you can see how each apartment is laid out structurally, which gives us a good idea of how they broke up the space into different living areas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Planete Deco, and if you love Scandinavian design, French apartments, and sophisticated/cozy home decor, definitely check it out!

(Note: All images are pulled directly from the blog itself, and linked to the posts they appear in.)


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