Welcome to 2015 (a little late)

IMG_6854 - Version 2

Much like last year, it took me a while to figure out my goals for 2015. Instead of making a list of the things I could improve about my life, I am going to stick with what worked for me last year – a quote to guide me.

Last year, the quote I chose was from Neil Donald Walsch:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

That quote was a constant reminder to push myself throughout the year in many parts of my life – my health, my career, my personal life, and my travels. While there are things I wish I had done better, I did my best to live up to my goal of getting outside my comfort zone.

2015 is going to be the year I continue to build on those goals of pushing myself – but with a bit more focus.

Last year, I did push myself a lot, but it was at the expense of other parts of my life. In the spring, I took on more at work, but it left me exhausted, depressed, and unhealthy. In the summer, I pushed myself to pare down my belongings so I could move to Seattle with only what I could fit in my car. I pulled it off, but it meant I drained myself financially to start a new home from scratch after I got here. In the fall, I started a new job, which was a great opportunity, but being hired in so close to school starting (and a few other unexpected surprises) left me scrambling all quarter to stay caught up. In the winter, I didn’t push myself much at all because I wanted to take some time to relax and reflect on such a crazy year – but I found out right before the holidays that all my classes for this quarter were canceled, so I’ve been living under a cloud of self-doubt and stress ever since. So in the end, while I did push myself more than I could have imagined, it left me…spent.

This year, and for many years to come, I plan to keep trying to live outside my comfort zone. However, this year I want to focus more on how I spend my time – and more specifically, my free time. I need to learn to balance my work time and leisure time better, and even in my leisure time, find ways to stay productive. Last year I found that while I was working hard, I was loafing hard too. I barely read anything educational, I didn’t learn any new skills/hobbies, and I watched way, way too much television.

2015 is going to be the year that I elevate my leisure time to things of value, and get rid of bad habits that are not. I want to spend more time learning about the technical side of blogging, get a new (and hopefully more stable) job, and find a cause to volunteer for. I also need to spend more time reading, and less time watching stupid shows on the TV.

Oh, and of course spend more time learning how to eat brownies and not get fat. Because really, isn’t that always a goal for the new year?


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