Life Lately (thanks to Instagram)

I swear that every time I think I have this blog back on track, life has other plans. I’ve been gone almost 2 months, and for good reason – a lot has happened in the past couple months. Some of it was good, some of it not so much.

So without further ado…

Off to go pick up D in Omaha, then doing the cross-country road trip 2.0! #seattle #roadtrip

November started off with my second cross-country road trip to help move D. to Seattle. I flew to meet him part-way through his trip, and rode back the rest of the way. While it was nice to have D. back, and not doing all the driving this time was easier…the trip itself wasn’t that much fun. We managed to run straight into a “snowmageedon,” which dragged our trip out almost an extra day. It wasn’t the “mini-vacation” I was hoping for at all. In the end, though, it was nice to have D. home. I was getting tired of doing so much heavy lifting on my own. 😉

Took advice from @theglamourai on what to read on my last flight, and tore through almost half of it in the 4 hour flight! Can't wait to finish it very soon!

I am so glad I chose to take this book with me on the plane, and while I’m not quite done reading it yet (after grading papers all day, it’s hard to read for fun), I’m loving this one! It was a suggestion made a while back by Kelly Framel of The Glamourai, so thanks Kelly for the head’s up!

Good morning #seattle!

For the rest of November, and first half of December, I spent mostly working during the day, and helping D. get unpacked and comfortable in our new apartment in the evenings. It was nice to be back into a regular work routine, even if it did involve hour-long commutes home most days. Unfortunately, the school I was teaching at recently told me they’re dropping me out of my classes for next quarter, which is the not-so-great news. So I’m back to job hunting again, and not sleeping at night from the anxiety. I’m hoping this will lead to bigger and better things, so no matter how stressed out I am, I’m trying to keep a positive outlook about it. 🙂

First snow of the year! #seattle

Oh yeah, on the weather front – it’s freakin’ NICE here! It snowed the day after Thanksgiving, but after that it has been in the 50s almost every day! I still have a closet full of winter coats I have barely worn this year. So…I don’t get what everyone complains about so much here…I’ll take this over Ohio snowstorms any day!

Got a beautiful surprise from my parents today! They smell amazing!

The holidays are pretty much over now, and I’m suffering through my annual “Holiday Hangover.” This was the first year in my entire life I didn’t spend Christmas with my family, so it was bittersweet. D. did everything he could to make sure I still had a good time, and I think my in-law’s are still enjoying all the fudge and cookies I left at their house last night. Hopefully next year I can teach my parents how to do Face Time or something, but this year things were just too crazy on both of our ends! 🙂

Well, as I’ve said many times – welcome back! Since I’m not going to be working for the foreseeable future, it’ll give me plenty of time to work on the blog, right? I have so many posts sitting around that I was supposed to finish and publish, and just ran out of time! Hopefully I can work on getting some of those up and running, along with something nice to start out 2015! After such a big year already, I have some even bigger goals for 2015!

I hope everyone who celebrated the holidays had a good time, and best of luck to everyone in the new year!


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