100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 91-100


After way more than 100 days, I finally finished my 100 Happy Days Challenge! It was not easy to accomplish, but it did give me a great excuse to track 100 days of my life, and do my best to find something happy in each one of them.

So without further ado, here are the last 10 days!

Days 91-94

Day 91: Spent an evening watching football with the in-laws and drinking some hard apple cider. It turns out this is the one brand my in-laws don’t like, so I didn’t get to share. Oh well, more for me!

Day 92: Picked up the keys to the new apartment! It’s looking a bit less empty now, and I’ll definitely have to catch you up on how things look so far! It has been a great challenge furnishing an apartment from scratch, and on a very tight budget!

Day 93: Unpacking my closet was the first thing I did, mostly because it was the bulk of what I owned! I don’t know what it is, but a new apartment doesn’t feel like home to me until my clothes are unpacked. I had no bed, but that’s okay – the clothes were hung up!

Day 94: Spent the afternoon sitting in the sunshine, eating lunch, and watching the water. I’m really starting to enjoy the place, now that I’m not constantly anxious about getting lost.

Days 95-98

Day 95: Finally started cooking in the new place the night D. flew in to visit for a week! I’m glad I had extra left over because his flight got in around midnight, and he was super hungry!

Day 96: The main thing D. put on his wish list when we were brainstorming places to move to was that it had to have a beach. Luckily for him, this is only a few minutes drive from our apartment!

Day 97: Picked up an amazing, enormous sandwich a couple blocks from work. It took me two days to finish it!

Day 98: This is the first coat closet I’ve gotten to use as an actual coat closet (and not bonus storage). I’m excited to start filling it up, since it’s clear that my coat game is lacking.

Days 99-100

Day 99: This is my view from the parking garage at work. It’s not bad, even on a cloudy day!

Day 100: Decided to spend my last day of the challenge doing something fun, so I headed down to the Pike Place Market, and came home with some wine, Russian pastries for Saturday morning, and some gorgeous $5 flowers. It was the perfect way to end the challenge (even if the walk back to the car almost killed me…uphill the whole way!).

So there you have it – 100 days of happy!

I had no idea when I started the challenge where I would be when it ended. 100-ish days earlier, I was still unsure if we were moving, and unsure if I could even pull it off. While the move was a ton of work, and a bit of stress, overall it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s made me a happier person, and one who’s looking forward to what the next 100 days have in store!

Hopefully you all enjoyed seeing the entire process, and I have enjoyed seeing a few of you readers participate as well.

Here’s to hundreds more happy days!


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