Everything’s Different

Feeling at home a bit more each day

So another month of silence went by. I know that I neglected the blog for longer than I wanted to, and much longer than I should have.

I missed you guys!

Starting my life over somewhere new has taken time away from those things and people I miss every day. Finding a new place to live, new job, new furniture, new everything kept me busier than I’ve been in years. Doing all of these things alone has been an even bigger challenge – but one that I’m taking on happily.

I finished the 100 Happy Days Challenge, and still need to share that with you, and I will very soon. There are hundreds of photos on my phone I need to go through, edit, and upload. There are even more on my computer I need to edit and share from my drive out here in August. My goal is to get that done before I make the trip again in November.

That’s right – I’m making (most of) that 4-day trip all over again, but this time with D. I might be nuts for going through that drive again, but this time I won’t be alone, and I’ll get to spend more time sightseeing and just taking it all in, instead of doing all the driving. I’m not 100% sure I’ll have space to take my camera with me, but I really hope I do so I can take even more photos of these places in a totally different season.

If you’re wondering how I’m doing out here on my own without D, I have to admit I’m doing better than I expected. I am trying to cherish my time alone, and enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s not always easy, and I definitely miss having someone to talk to some nights, but this is good for me. I needed a break from everyone, including D, and needed time to get acclimated to my new surroundings. It has been going well, and I’m really starting to like living here.

Yes, it’s still weird to me that I live here. That I’ve been living here for two months already. It’s not a vacation or a dream…at least I hope it’s not a dream!

The new job is going well, too. I was hired to teach an English class exactly one week before classes started, so I’ve spent the bulk of my free time working on getting my class together. I’m still not totally caught up with what I need to do, but I’m getting there. Starting a whole class from scratch, and with none of us getting our textbooks (even me) until 3 weeks into the quarter, was a nightmare. But we made it through that, and now class is getting easier. Many of my students moved to Seattle right around the same time I did, so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has no idea where to find anything.

The new apartment is great. It’s in a suburb, which makes the commute to work a bit nuts, but it’s a quiet neighborhood, and the apartment itself is bigger than I expected to get here. I’ve been having fun refurnishing from scratch, and getting to take my time in making decisions. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect side tables, and need a dining room table (which I’ll get when D is here and can help me with the heavy lifting), but the rest of it is coming together nicely. I think I’ve been to Ikea enough times in the past two months to last a lifetime. I’m also going to do more DIY stuff around the apartment, partly so our apartment doesn’t look like an Ikea catalog, and partly because my home decor budget is toast. Bring on the paint!

Crap, this is long. I guess this is what happens when one bails on their blog for a month!

I’ll be back very soon with much more to say. Just hopefully not all in one post. 🙂

I hope everyone is doing well, and I can’t wait to catch up with all of you!


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