100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 81-90

Welcome back to the #100happydays Challenge! As per usual, this took me far more than 10 days to complete, but at LOT happened in between days 81-90. 🙂

Days 81-84

Day 81: After a long month of research, and a long wait, my new camera finally arrived! I’m excited to start using it more, especially for blogging. It’s going to be nice not to only have the iPhone to take photos!

Day 82: Packed up everything I owned into my little red car and spent a couple days with my brother-in-law before heading on the road. I was nervous that it wouldn’t all fit, but it did!

Day 83: On the road! Leaving Ohio was tough…really tough. Part of me knew once I left, I wouldn’t have the urge to turn around – and I was right.

Day 84: I spent most of my second day on the road in Nebraska and South Dakota. It was a beautiful drive, and I’d highly recommend South Dakota if you’re in the mood for a road trip!

Days 85-88

Day 85: Woke up in Deadwood, South Dakota (yes, the same town from the show), and decided to take a morning hike/stroll through their cemetery. Got to spend a quiet moment with Wild Bill Hickok and Jane Cannery before the tour buses rolled in. It was a great way to spend the morning before hitting the road again.

Day 86: I spent my first few days in Seattle getting to know my in-laws, which for me meant some late nights with my sister-in-law and a bottle of wine and mornings playing Legos with my nephews. I built Lego Batman a house, complete with a palm tree on the roof – because why not?

Day 87: Hung out at the beach off of Lake Washington. It was a great reminder of why I’m here. I’ve always wanted to live near water – and now I get to see this whenever I want!

Day 88: Made the family my famous meatloaf for dinner. I’m glad I made two loaves, because between 3 kids and 3 adults, it went fast! The two older kids even insisted on packing it for lunch the next day!

Days 89-90

Day 89: My sister-in-law took me into Seattle for an afternoon at the Pike Place Market, and a quick trip to Fran’s Chocolates. I came home with a few, and they were amazing!

Day 90: This white fur ball is Brody. My in-laws have two dogs, and are fostering another one. I feel bad that I’m allergic to one of them, but not Brody! Every time I’m on the couch, he’s right there with me. 🙂


With only 10 more days to go, I can’t wait to share all the craziness that’s about to happen! I’ve come a long way in 90 days, but these next 10 might prove to be the most eventful yet!


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