100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 71-80

I can’t believe I made it this far with this challenge – but now, I feel like I’m in the home stretch!

This past 10 days have been difficult to document (hence why it took almost a month to get done). A lot has happened over the last month, and while some of it was sad, most of it has been just plain busy!

Here’s a look at days 71-80! Days 71-74

Day 71: I got a special package in the mail from Girls Who Code – a 3D printed bracelet that I made myself…with code…on their website! This is such a great initiative to get young girls interested in computer science, which is something I wish had been around when I was younger. I was a rather early adopter when it came to computers, but there wasn’t much out there in terms of education programs – especially ones that appealed to young girls. This is a great group doing great things, so if you have time definitely check them out!

Day 72: This had to be one of the coldest summer days this year. I ended up busting out a sweater, skinny jeans, and of course some red shoes!

Day 73: I officially started packing up around this time, and my room has been a disaster ever since! Things are starting to come together more now, but that first big purge of stuff was hard. I’m only taking with me what will fit in my car, so it has been a major undertaking to whittle down my life to what’s truly important, and get rid of things I don’t need or love.

Day 74: After watching a ton of YouTube videos about healthy shakes and protein drinks, I bought a few samples to try. This one tasted like cake batter, which is dangerous. However, I also found out that my stomach can’t handle whey protein anymore (since swearing off most dairy). If you can handle dairy, this is a great shake to try – it was yummy!

Days 75-78

Day 75: I spent most of this day wrapping up loose ends with both of my jobs, and saying goodbye to everyone. While it wasn’t the happiest of days, and I spent a good chunk of it crying like an idiot, it was nice to get to say one last goodbye to the two campuses who helped me get my career started. 🙂

Day 76: After a long, rough day the day before, I decided to treat myself to a long hike in Yellow Springs, and lunch courtesy of the food vendors outside the local BP. The pulled port sandwich was amazing, and the beans and rice were great too – though I couldn’t even come close to finishing them (D ended up finishing it for dinner). Such a great way to end a long, sweaty hike!

Day 77: This was actually taken the day before D’s birthday. He was planning to stay home from work on his birthday, so the only chance I had to surprise him was the day before! He’s not a cake person, so instead I made cookies (one of his favorites), got him some of his favorite candy, and the large gold box in the background is a (very, very, very expensive) bottle of whiskey. I also decorated the house with balloons and streamers, but forgot to take pics of it! He was both surprised and very happy!

Day 78: Summer finally showed up around here! It took a long time for the weather to warm up, but it’s finally feeling like summer around here (just in time for it to end soon…gotta love Ohio).

Days 79-80

Day 79: I found the perfect notebook to take with me on my journey to Seattle!

Day 80: To prepare for my road trip, of course I had to do a little shopping! I’ll probably show off what I got over the next week or so, when I finally get prepped for my big move out west!

Hope you enjoyed! Now I’m off to go donate my body weight in clothes and books!


2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 71-80

  1. I also stick to my healthy lifestyle and I love it! I feel so energetic and full of energy. Eat clean and travel mean LOL!!! Keep it up sweetie! 🙂 I’m with you here!

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