Taking It In


Before I make the long journey to Seattle, I’ve been making sure that I find time to enjoy the things I love about living in Ohio. Granted, there aren’t too many things I’m going to miss (besides people, of course), but my newfound love of hiking in our state parks is going to be one of them. There aren’t many places to go around here that offer a view of something other than corn and bean farmland, but the trails we do have are pretty amazing!


My favorite park so far has been the Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It’s a relatively small park, but it packs a lot of amazing views into such a compact area. I love going here because I can get in a pretty good workout in less than an hour, or I can take my time and enjoy the waterfalls and springs. It’s also attached to the Little Miami Scenic Trail, which is where I usually go biking, so if I want to, I can switch things up by doing a bit of both on longer workout days.


It has been looking a little worse for wear lately because the park has been hit by some pretty big storms this spring and summer. However, it’s still a great place to get away from city life and spend some time in nature. The park is always full of families, hikers, kids on field trips, and teenagers hanging out after school – and every one of them is super friendly.


I know that there will be dozens of new parks for me to explore when I get to Seattle in a couple weeks, and I’m looking forward to enjoying the new scenery. However, since I didn’t grow up in Dayton, and my family isn’t here, this may be one of the last times I get to visit Yellow Springs…possibly ever. I hope that I get to come back someday, especially since this is the town D and I got married in. For now, though – it’s going to be one of my tougher goodbyes.



Hopefully you have enjoyed my sharing this park with you over the years! It has been a great sanctuary for me whenever I had a bad day and needed to relax, or run out my frustration until my lungs ached. I can’t wait to move on to bigger and better things…but today, I want to give a big thanks to the little park that made life a little bit sweeter.

Oh, and another awesome thing about Yellow Springs? One of the gas stations in town allows people to set up food tents in their parking lot every weekend, so after a long, sweaty, tough hike, you can pig out on some of the best pulled pork sandwiches and beans and rice you’ve ever had:


Seriously – this stuff is dangerously good. 🙂


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