Life Lately: Outdoor Fun


Hello Everyone!

I’ve been dealing with the chaos of finishing school and getting ready to move, but in the midst of all that, I still find time to get outside quite a bit! This summer has been tricky because it has been rainy on most days that I want to get out, but on the few that aren’t, I lace up my hot pink shoes and get going.

On days that I was working early in the day, I would leave work and head out for some long walks (or short runs). This particular day was cloudy and a bit rainy, and everything was a bit hazy – the perfect weather for a laid back walk in the woods!




We’re getting to the part of summer where the corn is SUPER tall! I think this stuff was pushing 8ft. tall! I always forget how tall corn can be when I’m driving by it. 🙂


I have also managed to get out for a few bike rides this summer! These were harder to pull off because I could only go on days I wasn’t working. This particular day was really hot and sunny – but I’ve been out for a rainy day or two as well. I forgot how much I miss riding!



Well, hope you enjoyed the photos! I’m off to recycle my body weight in paper, and donate a ton of stuff to Goodwill!

Hope you have a great Monday!


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