100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 51-60

Welcome back to another edition of the 100 Happy Days Challenge! So far, the second half of the challenge has gone a lot more quickly – and it’s full of tons of great food, sights, and other random stuff.


Days 51-54

Day 51: Baked cookies for a class project on descriptive writing. Students of any age can appreciate a good chocolate chip cookie, but I definitely make them work for it! They described the cookie using the five senses (taste, of course, being the last) for almost 20 minutes before being allowed to eat them. I’m cruel…but it gets the point across.

Day 52: I saw someone drinking one of these on YouTube recently (Jonathan Joly, perhaps?), and since I love all things blood orange, I decided to try one. They’re dangerously good, and should be reserved only for special occasions…like a hot, sunny afternoon of working.

Day 53: While shopping around for a gift, I ended up in my local nursery, totally enamored with the whole row of hibiscus bushes. They’re my favorite flower, and it’s always nice to see them in Ohio (since they don’t grow here naturally).

Day 54: I know getting an oil change sounds like the worst way to spend an evening, but this falls under the “happy” category because while getting an oil change and other work done, the mechanic let me hang out in the AC while I waited. It was amazing, especially given the temperature hit in the 90s that day!

Days 55-58

Day 55: Decided to take an afternoon off from grading papers to read some magazines and freshen up my manicure. I can’t for the life of me remember the shade I used, but it came out uneven and cotton-candy pink. Not sure I’ll use it again, since it took 3-4 coats to get it right – though I did get a lot of compliments on it…

Day 56: While cleaning out my purse to find a lip gloss I wanted/needed, I found eight more – none of which were the one I was looking for. I believe Jenna Marbles calls this “goo hoarding.” I have a problem.

Day 57: It’s strawberry season, and I’ve been taking full advantage!

Day 58: Finally managed to get out for a hike! It has been storming here the past couple weeks, and it always seems to get bad on days I have time to head outside. While it was raining a little bit, I went out anyway for a nice hike in the woods.

Days 59-60

Day 59: I’ve been doing a lot of baking in June, between birthdays, cookies for school, and just for fun. This is a coffee cake I made last week – and before you get on my case about how bad it is for me, rest assured that I froze half of it for some other time (or for when I pawn it off on my brother in law). It was amazing, and paired well with a small scoop of cappuccino-flavored ice cream. July needs to be a healthier month for sure!

Day 60: Before putting myself on a spending hiatus, I hit up Old Navy to use a coupon I had lying around. I came home with a few new tanks, and a pair of black skinny jeans I desperately needed. That’s right – needed. 🙂

Hope those of you doing the #100happydays challenge are keeping up with it better than I am, and that you’re having a great time, as always!


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