100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 41-50

I’ve hit the halfway point!

Of course, this has taken a lot more than 50 days, since I have been slacking off a ton, but I made it to the halfway point, which is much further than I thought I would. To celebrate keeping up with something this long, here’s days 41-50!

Days 41-44

Day 41: My birthday splurge I gifted myself arrived! My old computer bag’s handle tore off after many, many years of use, so it was time to invest in a nice, sturdy leather bag. It can double as a computer bag and a carry-on, and it’s a great piece I hope to have for many years to come!

Day 42: After a very busy day, I spent a couple hours catching up on some reading. Still not done with this book, but I’m getting there.

Day 43: Shopping for a dress to wear to a birthday dinner with D. I went home with this one, and it was 50% off, which was even better. Nothing like hitting the Memorial Day sales!

Day 44: Enjoying some birthday cake while watching Anthony Bourdain’s show, Parts Unknown. It’s the only show I demand the TV for each week.

Days 45-48

Day 45: My actual birthday! After my trip to Sephora, I took myself to Panera for lunch. The “half and half” deal came with the biggest salad – I would have been happy with just that!

Day 46: Came home after work and jumped right into pj’s. It was a cold, rainy day. We’ve had a lot of those lately. I’m not complaining, though – I’ll take anything after the crap winter we had!

Day 47: Enjoying the flowers D got me for my birthday. He NEVER gets me flowers, so it was a nice surprise. They’re still going strong almost 2 weeks later!

Day 48: Spent all day cleaning the apartment to get ready for my parents visiting. That, and it had been a while since I really cleaned the place from top to bottom. It was much needed, and always makes for a calmer home (for me, anyway).

Days 49-50

Day 49: Technically, I took this photo on Day 48, but I didn’t share it until the next day. We spent the day wandering around an antique mall with my parents, and my dad came across this hula girl. He didn’t buy it (something about it being too expensive or whatever), but I took a photo to remind me later to pick it up for him for Father’s Day!

Day 50: Celebrated the halfway point in this challenge by heading out for a long hike! It was cloudy and chilly, and the park was in a bit of disarray…but it was amazing.

The challenge so far has been a great reminder to enjoy the happy things in life, no matter how small. It hasn’t been easy to fit it in every day, but I’m hoping the next 50 days go by a lot faster!



2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 41-50

  1. I love that leather bag! And your birthday dress! I had a similar event happen, I was at a blogging event and everyone received a gift card and while most of the store was pretty pricey, I found a cute dress on sale and after applying the gift card, it was only $5! šŸ™‚ I’m pretty sure it will also be my birthday dress, mine is on Sunday, woohoo! That cake looks delicious. Ugh, I need to clean too, my best friend is coming to town on Friday and while I know she won’t care what the place looks like, it should be clean, right? The hula girl reminds me of an alarm clock I almost impulse bought at an antique store, it was a shiny silver heavy doubled belled alarm clock, super cute but it was $50! Hahaha. So glad I didn’t buy it! Although it was very attractive.

    • Finding things on sale is the best, isn’t it? šŸ™‚ My dad loved the hula doll, and was very surprised that I went through the trouble of hunting it down a week after he saw it in the antique mall!

      Hope you have a great rest of your week, and that you have an amazing birthday weekend!

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