Hello, 31!

heather cooking

(Me “baking” a cake when I was like, 3 years old, maybe? My skills have since improved slightly…)

I am spending the day being as lazy and selfish as humanly possible on a day that I have to go to work. There have already been birthday pancakes (thanks to D), and I’m heading out now for some shopping and lunch before class starts at 2. After that, it’s gonna be a drunken blur of cake and who knows what!

One thing about growing up is that, sometimes, you have to make your own dreams come true. This year, I really wanted a funfetti cake…so I did the right thing and made my own!

Kicking off my birthday weekend off right! #drunkbaking

Since we celebrated this past weekend with my brother in law and his lovely girlfriend with a barbecue, I went ahead and got a little hammered Friday night and baked a cake. It turned out amazing…and tastes pretty damn good too!

It turned out a lot less messy than that photo above, I swear!

Forgot to post this last night before I went to bed. Best cake frosting job I've ever done! Can't wait to dig into it tonight! #birthdaycake #drunkbaking

I can’t wait to finish this off tonight!

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to head over to Profresh Style to wish Christina a happy birthday as well – we’re birthday buddies (though she’s a bit younger)!


2 thoughts on “Hello, 31!

  1. Happy Birthday!!! That cake looks ridiculously yummy. I suck at spreading frosting, half of it usually comes off with cake -_- Then again, it probably doesn’t help that I’d rather just eat frosting out of the tub. Haha, forget the cake! Yay, we share the same birth month (mine is the 22nd). Glad you had a great birthday.

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