100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 31-40

Welcome back to more photos from the #100happydays challenge!

This set of 10 days took almost twice as long as that. Between grading final exams, traveling home for Mother’s Day, and getting ready for summer classes, it was a busy couple of weeks! However, these past “10” days were some of the best so far in the challenge. Read more to see why!Days 31-34

Day 31: Right before I headed out the door to hang out with my nephews for the evening, a package arrived from Mariko of Budziak Beauty! We did a gift swap to honor the challenge, and what it represents – you can read more about it here on my post, and on her blog as well! I was so excited to dig into the box, but I had to wait until the next day!

Day 32: After waiting patiently, I finally got to see what Mariko sent me! I burned through the candy pretty quickly, and the mug she made for me is now serving as my desk “candy jar.” It’s a perfect reminder to stay happy…and if all else fails, there’s always candy!

Day 33: Even though I was stuck grading exams for almost two weeks straight, that doesn’t mean I have to it all inside, right? I snuck out that afternoon to do some grading outside. If you look closely, you can even see me in the reflection of the computer screen.

Day 34: After catching a few of my students cheating on their final (a long story I can’t say more about than that), I went out for a long hike to blow off some steam. It was gorgeous outside, and it was a great distraction from work stress!

Days 35-38

Day 35: Did some Mother’s Day shopping after work. I wish I could have taken photos in the nursery I went to – I wanted to take all of it home with me! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a hand free since I was lugging around two very heavy hanging flower baskets. Both my mother and mother-in-law loved them, and it has become a bit of a Mother’s Day tradition for me to gift them flowers they can enjoy all spring and summer!

Day 36: Managed to get in some blogging time between exams and other exciting stuff…like laundry.

Day 37: Remember my trip to the bookstore? Well, I finally got around to reading all the magazines I bought!

Day 38: Spent a lazy morning catching up with Martha Stewart. I can’t get enough of her magazines, and her blog too!

Days 39-40

Day 39: I’ve been in a huge cooking rut lately, so it’s a pretty big deal if I manage to cook something I love. I used the Macaroni with Spinach and Pancetta recipe from Mireille Guiliano’s book French Women Don’t Get Fat. The perfect dinner for a hot day when I don’t want to cook (and this seriously only takes as long as it does to cook the pasta).

Day 40: Instead of going on a hike, I took a 3-mile walk on the bike trail I usually ride on. It’s fun to see the bike trail from a different perspective. For example, this small wildflower trail is something I’ve never been through before because I’m usually whizzing by it on my bike. It was a great change of pace, and a wonderful way to spend a Thursday afternoon.

There you have it – another 10 days down! I’m hoping that with the weather picking up, and my work schedule winding down, I can get to these each day, instead of every couple days! Almost halfway done!


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