100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 21-30

Now that the spring semester is (mostly) over, I’m back!

Here’s what I was up to on days 21-30. After day 30, I started having trouble getting in a photo every day, so while this challenge started a lot longer than 38 days ago (which is where I think I’m at now), I’m working on staying more consistent from here on out. Hopefully being out of my insane work schedule will open up more time to blog, take photos, and have more FUN!

Days 21-24

Day 21: A mid-afternoon snack of peanut butter on a spoon. My mom introduced me to this as a child, and I still go for it sometimes when I need a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon. It’s not the healthiest snack, but hey, it works!

Day 22: The semester has officially hit full-insanity around this point. From this day until last Friday, I was grading papers very, very late each night. Sometimes having a pretty candle lit helps – especially when your desk is in the kitchen, and you don’t want to keep smelling that night’s dishes!

Day 23: After a long night of grading, and an early wake-up call, I decided to stop in between classes to take a break. My office doesn’t have windows, so when I feel the urge to look outside, I head to one of the many student lounges on campus. This one happened to be mostly empty, and it was such a nice, quiet time to myself.

Day 24: Starbucks run before school. I know, I should suck it up and make coffee at home, but some mornings it doesn’t happen.

Days 25-28

Day 25: Got a little spring cleaning done, and have a few bags of old clothes to donate, whenever I get around to it!

Day 26: Some nights, after a ton of grading, I need to unwind before bed, so I hit up my favorite girly mags. It keeps me from staying hooked on a screen, which I find makes it harder for me to sleep.

Day 27: I said f*ck it to work and went on a hike. The flowers are really blooming now, but when I went out on this day, they were just getting started. It was a great afternoon to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. We’ve been waiting months for it!

Day 28: I managed to pack a healthy lunch for a change! During the summer session, I need to get back into the habit of doing this. The end of the semester was terrible for me, diet-wise. I won’t go into too many details, but let’s just say Jimmy John’s may or may not have been heavily involved.

Days 29-30

Day 29: The weather started getting warmer, and I went looking for ways to stay cool. I’m a sucker for anything rose scented, and this is a great spritz when you need to cool your face off after a long workout!

Day 30: Hit up my local bookstore in search of some summer reading. Came home with a pile of magazines about health and fitness, and a new cookbook. I’m excited to start trying out some new recipes soon!

So there you go – another 10 days down!

I’m definitely hitting a lull with this challenge, but I think a lot of that has to do with the work piling up toward the end of the semester. I barely had time to check my email, sleep, or cook for myself, let alone blog or keep up with the challenge. I’m still struggling a bit with finding happy moments during my day, but I’m slowly getting better at it. Even if I don’t end up sharing them as part of the challenge, I try to find at least one moment during the day to slow down, put away my responsibilities, and just chill.

I hope everyone else is doing well with their challenges, and I’ll be back more often now to share how the rest of the challenge is going, and some other things I’ve been up to as well!


2 thoughts on “100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 21-30

  1. I have no idea what day I’m on, but I definitely have hit a lull. It’s not that I don’t find something happy in each day, but that it’s the same things that day after day make me happy and so it defeats the purpose of taking a picture and posting. I’m going to try and be better going forward though!

    • I’m glad to hear I’m not alone! I have a lot of days that look pretty much the same, and especially on days where I’m at work, it’s hard to find time to take pics!

      To be honest, I’m surprised I stuck with it this long…so I’m hoping I can keep it up for another 60 days!

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