100 Happy Days Challenge: Days 11-20

I know, it’s been forever since I updated last! In fact, I’m almost on Day 30 of the #100happydays challenge, so this post is definitely overdue.

My “finals week” actually spreads out over the next two weeks, since both schools where I teach are on different schedules. The downside to that is that the past couple weeks have been super crazy getting everything ready. The upside is that I will slowly start getting my life back soon! Teaching seven classes (over double what a normal college professor usually teaches) has been difficult, but it has opened my eyes to a lot of things in my career, both good and bad. I’m sure that’ll be a long post for another day, though!

Anyhoo…on to the next 10 days of the challenge!


Day 11: Even though work has been ramping up lately, I make sure to take at least one break in the afternoon for coffee and my favorite YouTube channel, The Saccone Jolys! I’ve been following their vlogs on and off for a long time, and it’s a nice way to kill 20 minutes while I relax with my feet up!

Day 12: Finally got around to taking photos of my most recent thrift shop purchase. It’s a fairly small bowl, which will be perfect for holding jewelry or other small treasures, and I can’t wait to find the perfect place for it! Oh, and the pattern around the outside is in the bowl as well, so it’s super pretty. šŸ™‚

Day 13: This was one of those challenging days, where nothing went right and I didn’t have time to take any photos. This is my nightly routine to keep my hands and nails happy, and it’s the last thing I do before I go to bed. Yep…that’s the only time I had time to take a photo that day – 2 minutes before my head hit the pillow!

Day 14: I got out of work early that day, and decided to finish up a little project I’ve been working on with Mariko from Budziak Beauty, a blogger I’ve been following for a while now! We’re exchanging packages of things that make us happy, in honor of us both participating in the #100happydays challenge! I’ll blog about what I put in the box as soon as I find out if it made it to her…and I get mine (which should be very soon!). This is the first time I’ve done something with another blogger, so I’m excited to see what will arrive on my doorstep soon!


Day 15: I have been doing some serious damage at Starbucks lately, so instead of heading out for another Caramel Macchiato, I decided to make my own! It was super tasty, especially with almond milk. Even better is that it was way cheaper than my usual Starbucks run!

Day 16: This was the first day of the year I was able to open the windows and leave them open all day! I spent all afternoon upstairs grading papers and goofing off online, and it was so good to get the fresh air in the apartment!

Day 17: Another super-long and stressful day. It seems like I have those at least once a week, and the only happy part about my day is being able to crawl into a bed with freshly cleaned sheets while wearing some cozy pj’s. It was so worth it to take the extra time to make up the bed – clean sheet night is the best!

Day 18: A little afternoon snack can sometimes be a great ending to a long day! These are basically a grown-up version of Mounds bars. I can only eat a couple at a time, which is great because they’re terrible for me!


Day 19: Spring is finally here! The trees are budding, the birds are singing, and it’s not 10 degrees outside! Even when my days are long and stressful, I find that going outside to appreciate nature chills me out.

Day 20: Had the chance to do a little shopping, and came home with new capri-length workout pants and a new workout top. I’m looking forward to getting outside more when classes are over, and wanted some new, fun stuff to look forward to wearing.

Overall, this 10 days went pretty well. I find the challenge getting easier on the days when I have time to devote to taking breaks…and damn near impossible when I don’t have time. It is still a great reminder every day that I need to fight to make at least one part of my day a happy one. Since day 20, I’ve also missed a couple days here and there because I can’t find the time to post, but in keeping with the theme of the challenge…I’m not going to beat myself up over it. Sure, that means it might take 102 days or something, but I’m okay with that. šŸ™‚

Hope you are all enjoying what’s left of your weekend! I’m going to go camp out on my doorstep and wait for a special package to arrive from Texas!


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