Last Week in Photos

Just thought I’d catch you up on some random stuff I did last week between grading papers and sleeping (because not much else is going on around here lately)!


Last week, I struggled to find quiet time to myself, but forced myself to find a bit while catching up on some magazines that had been sitting on my nightstand for a while. I find that whenever I buy a magazine, I read it about a month later. Terrible, I know…but free time has been so hard to come by!


I’ve also made a point to treat myself a little bit during the week, which helps when I get stressed out. It’s hard to remember to take breaks while working from home, so sometimes a nice hot cup of tea, a few Kona Truffles from Trader Joe’s (seriously, those things are dangerously good), and some dried cranberries are a good excuse to unwind for a few minutes. I often spend my “breaks” catching up on YouTube channels I watch a lot (like the SacconeJoly channel). Can’t wait for Anna to have baby #2!


I woke up to some freezing cold temperatures on Wednesday. The photo above is from me sitting in my car, waiting on the defroster to heat things up. We’re at that strange part of spring that should have happened a month ago, where the mornings are in the 30s, but by the afternoon it’s 65. Dressing for this kind of weather is tricky. I survive pretty much solely on layers and light sweaters.


I started off my 100 Happy Days Challenge on Friday by taking a very long walk in my favorite nearby town. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to do that, and it was a great way to end last week. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining, and when I was done, I was in such a good mood I took the dorkiest picture to date:


Hey, I was happy…but not happy enough to take a selfie (no one wants to see me all red-faced and sweaty).

I hope everyone has a great start to their week!

If you are taking part in the challenge, leave me a comment with your Instagram username, and I’ll make sure to follow you! You can follow me too, and see what I’m up to this week in my mission to find a bit of happiness every day:



4 thoughts on “Last Week in Photos

  1. Sorry for not getting back to you about the 100 Happy Days Challenge. I’m in, but haven’t started yet. @bevwhatev is my Instagram handle.

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