Finding Happy


Lately, I don’t feel like I’m living up to the mantra I set for myself this year. This needs to change.

I don’t know if it’s the horrible weather, stress at work, stress at home, or a combination of all three, but lately I’ve been craving comfort. My diet is terrible (partly thanks to Girl Scout cookies), and I spent this morning cursing the fact that most of my pants suddenly shrank (I swear it’s not me…well…okay, it’s me). While I’m sleeping about the same as always, it’s never enough anymore. I haven’t been working out at all the past month or so, and even though I want to get back into the routine again, every time I come home I just want to curl up in bed and ignore everything and everyone. I’m not one to let things get me down for too long…but a month is too long.

So, in an attempt to keep myself accountable for stepping outside my comfort zone, I’m going to join the droves of people who are currently part of the 100 Happy Days Challenge. This is something I want to do for two reasons:

1. I’ve been putting off joining Instagram for a long time. It’s an app I never really had much interest in using, but I know that it’s something I could try to use to make my blogging easier and more efficient. Call me old fashioned (or just old), but I have a hard time jumping on new things – it took me forever to accept Twitter into my life. I also see all of the amazing things other people do on Instagram, and now see that it’s a great platform for sharing with the blogging community. So I need to suck it up and get on board with it.

2. If I’m being honest, I’ve been unhappy a good majority of the past year or two. There are a lot of things contributing to that – some I’ve shared before, some I haven’t. I think that this could be a good exercise in trying to find the happiness wherever I can each day, even if it’s something small. I spend so much time getting caught up in the big things in my life that suck that I forget to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and a warm cup of tea. It might also motivate me to get back into old hobbies, good habits, and better life choices that I’ve been avoiding lately.

So, starting today, I will be posting one photo on Instagram every day for the next 100 days of something that makes me happy, with the hashtag #100happydays. Once each week, I’ll share my photos on the blog too, for those of you who don’t follow my Instagram account (though you should…you know, if you have one).


If you’re participating in the challenge too, let me know what your Instagram username is and I’ll follow you so we can support each other!


4 thoughts on “Finding Happy

  1. I’m in the exact same boat with you! I’m sure it has to do with my starting & changing birth control on top of my stressful family and Toby’s work stress getting pushed on me. I’ve been a bit depressed (maybe it’s the weather too, where are you sun?!) so I’ll definitely be participating in the challenge with you. We need to change this… You should send me your address so I can send you a happiness kit/package, sounds like a fun idea to share what makes me happy with you 🙂 Let me know if you’re interested –

  2. Hi Heather! Just came across your blog. I’ve been seeing that #100happydays challenge and I think it’s great. (Good excuse to join Instagram too – you will love it!) I think we all go through slumps (and yes, cold, dreary weather can contribute to making them worse!) and if you’re acknowledging it and still trying to make yourself happy, then it sounds like you’re doing pretty good to me! I’m @melindadiorio on Instagram. I haven’t been doing the 100 Happy Days Challenge, but maybe I should be!

    • Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is great – I love reading blogs that are so positive and inspirational!

      I’m having a great time doing the #100happydays challenge. It’s a great way to introduce myself to Instagram, and it has been a nice reminder every day to stop and enjoy the little things. 🙂

      I’ll definitely add you to my Instagram feed, and I can’t wait to see if you join the challenge!

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