Before the Alarm


So I’m lying in bed right now, blogging away at 6am because I can’t go back to sleep. I don’t know what’s with me lately, but I don’t seem to sleep in anymore. Even if I know it’ll be good for me, my body said 5:30am was a fine time to wake up!

It’s probably the mountain of work waiting for me downstairs, or the fact that I’m running low on outfits to wear to work. The bad weather and lack of plowing and sidewalk cleanup around here are mostly to blame – heels, flats, skirts, and anything nice are pretty much out of the question. I still have to climb foot-tall piles of snow to get to my car each day, and wearing a skirt in 5 degree weather is just plain awful.

So I’m off to go stand in front of my closet and try to decide which jean/sweater/boot combo it’s gonna be today. Because it’s freezing outside and nothing else will work while trudging through the snow and slush.

Hope the weather (or at least the sidewalks) is nicer where you are today!


5 thoughts on “Before the Alarm

  1. There were droplets on my windshield today, when I tried to use my wipers on them, I realized they were frozen beads! Haha, I have been making great use of my ice scrapper this year! Skirts & heels in the snow?! I can’t even imagine, do people actually do that?!

    • Glad to hear your ice scraper is getting some use this year! I feel like mine is going to fall apart after this is all over – I use it every single day! I was just talking to my students today about a project they’re working on, and it dawned on me that in a little over 2 weeks, they’ll be on spring break. I really, REALLY hope it warms up for them by then!

      Yes, there are some crazies up here that wear skirts and heels in the snow. I can only handle it if they’re thick tights and I don’t have snow to climb over. Maybe I’ll get to bust out the skirts in June? 😉

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