Uniqlo Haul: Random Things on Sale

IMG_3740For a company I barely knew existed a year ago, I’ve become totally hooked on Uniqlo. They have some great things at a pretty decent price. So, to use up some of my holiday fun money, I decided to grab a few things that were on sale on their website!IMG_3742Here is a short breakdown of what I ended up with:

1. Extra Fine Merino Knit Sweater in Wine = $12.90

2. Easy Tuck Pants in Black = $5.90

3. 10-Gruppen Tote Bags = $5.90 each

Total: $30.60

Not bad for some after the holiday sales!

IMG_3776The sweater is super comfortable! I ordered a size larger than I normally do, and I’m glad that I did – it fits a bit small. But it was lightweight, and will work great layered up with either a button-down shirt underneath, or a blazer over top – or both!

The pants, for under $6, were a last-minute “Oh sure, because who can pass up $6 pants?” purchase. They hit right below the knee (which I obviously forgot to take a photo of…oops), and are very comfortable. I’m not sure if they are something I will wear out and about, at least now while it’s so cold outside – but they might make a great casual option when it gets warmer outside!IMG_3780My last purchase was these two tote bags. I needed another one to help me haul around stuff for school. I have each school in a different bag so I don’t grab the wrong one, and I don’t have to haul everything around all the time. The other bag I will probably keep in my car for my many, many Trader Joes trips. I’ve accumulated so many paper bags from there, I kinda feel like a jerk for not sucking it up and just getting one tote bag to take wherever I go. So I did! Now, if only I can remember to put it IN the car, and I’ll be all set!

Unfortunately, I don’t think any of what I posted today is still on their website. Uniqlo’s sale clothes go pretty quickly, so I’m always on the lookout for a good sweater, flannel shirt, or tote bag to add to my growing collection!

Have you bought anything amazing on sale lately? Don’t be afraid to share!


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