Back to Work

IMG_0518After a few weeks of holiday madness, some relaxation, and sleeping in more than I care to admit, it’s back to work!

Granted, I’m not actually going in to work – just getting things ready for classes to start up again next Monday. I’ll admit, I’m kicking myself a little bit for not getting this done in December when the weather was nicer. There are many copies to be made, and some HR stuff to hash out – all of which I have to find time to do this week, if I can un-freeze my car from it’s spot.

I hope to be back sometime this week to introduce my 2014 goals/bucket list/resolutions. I’m still finalizing what I want to do (better late than never, right?), and making sure I’m happy with the list.

I hope those of you caught up in the arctic blast are staying warm and safe!


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