Giving Thanks

IMG_3660While writing out my thank you notes the other day, I realized that there are a whole lot more people out there I’m thankful for whose addresses I don’t know, or who I can’t easily send cards to. Hint – I’m talking about all of you!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has stopped by and read my blog, liked it, followed it, and commented on it this year. You’re a small bunch, but you’re growing slowly – and I appreciate each and every one of you. Sure, I write this blog mostly for myself, but to know that there are people out there who have enjoyed my writing, and maybe gotten some good advice on BB creams (as I see that’s my #2 most popular post this year), makes it a little bit more worthwhile. I can only hope that my readership grows more in my second year, and that I will have the chance to get to know many more of you.

…and now for some specific shout-outs.

To John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love:

Thank you for always bringing your positivity, terrible puns, and (somewhat) brutal honesty to us every day. Most importantly, thank you for the Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge in February. It was a lot of fun to participate in it, and my post ended up being the most viewed on my blog in 2013! I wound up with a few new readers, and a few new blogs to follow because of it. You have an amazing, supportive community – and I’m glad to be part of it. Oh, and I can’t wait to see your adorable new baby next year – I can’t imagine you could make a baby cuter than Clara…but if anyone can, it’s you two!

To Christina Topacio of Profresh Style:

I followed your blog here and there well before I started my own, and yours was one of the first I hunted down when I started blogging. I love your raw, unfiltered writing style – I wish I could be that upfront with readers, and it’s a goal I plan to work on this year. You pictures are amazing, and watching your journey over this past year has been inspiring, to say the least. You’re an amazing woman, and I can’t wait to see where life takes you in your new home out west!

It also totally made my summer when you gave me a shout out on Reader Appreciation Monday…like back in July. I really enjoy those, and hope to see more in the future!

To Kayley Heeringa of Sidewalk Ready:

Your blog was one I found out about through the YHL thrift shop challenge, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Much like Christina, your writing style is what drew me in – you show a level of vulnerability and authenticity that not many writers can pull off. That, and I wish I owned, like, 95% of your closet. You are another woman who has had quite an exciting and life-changing year, and it’s going to be great to see where things go for you. It’s always interesting to see how different women handle adversity in their personal lives, and you have handled the changes in your life this year with grace and sensitivity – and I admire you for that. You also got me to try ankle boots – and like them. No one up to this point could get me to even consider them. They’re a style game-changer, for sure.

To Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess:

You two are amazing – seriously. Thank you so much for posting such awesome DIY tutorials, decorating ideas, style posts, and recipes! Your falafel recipe is now in regular rotation at our house, and singlehandedly got my meat-loving husband to consider giving it up now and then (which is a pretty big deal, trust me). I’m looking forward to seeing how you decorate your new work space, and to get your book when it comes out.

To Everyone at Man Repeller:

Thank you for making me think about shit…really think about it. I have had some great conversations with your readers in the comments, and your site is both fun to read and a great space for women to hash out their feelings about stuff – like the state of unpaid internships, Leandra’s sharp and intelligent defense of the role of bloggers in fashion, and the Duchess of Cambridge’s new mommy makeover (I’m still hoping for a Karl Lagerfeld suit and tie combo – she could totally pull that off). Thanks for keeping things intelligent around here, but not too serious. I like to think…but I also like to chuckle at the silly drawings of tweets. Keep up the great work!

Finally…To the Rest of the Bloggers Out There:

Keep doing what you do. I’ve been inspired by so many of you, and reading your blogs has driven me to improve my own. You are a great community of men and women who share ideas, encourage each other, and remind all of us to get out there and live amazing lives – however we define that.

Now, off to mail some thank you cards, and get ready for New Year’s Eve…which for me this year, means I’m getting ready for my husband’s friend to visit. Nothing exciting – just watching a couple guys play video games all night. I see lots of cleaning and cooking in my near future. Being a female stereotype is awesome, right? 😉

Happy New Year!

Can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring – but I have a feeling it’ll be awesome!


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