Holiday Wrap-Up


While I put off deciding what to wear to a party tonight, I thought I’d recap some of the highlights of the holiday season this year.

I didn’t write a lot during the holidays because, admittedly, the actual holiday events (traveling, parties, visiting family, etc.) didn’t go as planned. There was a lot more driving around, much later nights, far more unnecessary drama, and a lot less time to really sit down and relax. In fact, until we got home at 2am on the day after Christmas, we didn’t have time to relax at all, really.

I also haven’t been writing much because my husband keeps stealing the laptop to play video games. So I’ve been reduced to using the iPad for entertainment, or just sitting around reading a good book. Not that I’m upset about that at all…it just makes blogging a bit harder.

Anyway, I hope you all had a nice, relaxing, fun holiday. I can’t wait to see what the new year brings!IMG_3585For a change, D. decided he wasn’t totally against the idea of decorating for the holidays. So we went out and got a tree, and spent way under the $100 budget on decorations (not counting the tree…D. bought it). It was nice to have a glowing tree with presents underneath it this year for a change. In the past, the best I could get away with was hanging stockings – and even then D. would grumble about how dumb it was. I’m not sure what changed his mind this year, but I’ll take it. IMG_3625After some dumb family stuff, which left me with no time to prepare for Christmas baking, I decided this year to make my annual Christmas cookies as easy as possible. No peanut butter mouse cookies, no new fancy recipes – just plain ol’ sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles. I did make fudge too, but that takes me like 5 minutes. So to give myself something to do, I got drunk last Sunday and decorated cookies. It was great, and everyone seemed to like them. Much easier than what I usually do, and a bit more fun.IMG_3594I also got to flex my crafting muscles this year for my faculty holiday party. We were supposed to have an ugly sweater contest, and since I couldn’t find an ugly sweater on short notice (seriously, every thrift store in town was out!), I decided to make one. I’ll post the “after” pictures as soon as I get them edited. I didn’t win the contest (since the woman who organized it didn’t show up, we didn’t have one), but everyone at worked loved it!IMG_3642A sight for sore eyes – this is what I came home to Christmas night (well, technically it was 2am on the 26th). I love coming home to a nice, clean bed I can just crawl into and sleep the night away. I’m pretty sure I slept in until 11am, too. We were only gone for one night, but it was an exhausting trip! I’m not sure we’ll ever do such a fast turnaround again. We didn’t have any time to chill out, and with everything being closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it was hard to occupy our time in between parties. We did manage to get tickets to see Anchorman 2 on Christmas morning, but beyond that we were screwed when it came to finding anything open. No restaurants were open, there was nowhere to get good coffee…it was a total bust on my part. I didn’t even eat on Christmas day until we met up with my family at 2pm! IMG_3651This was me this morning, waking up super late in my new pajamas! I haven’t bought new pajamas since college (which, holy shit, was almost 10 years ago!), so these were a nice gift from D. They’re super comfy!

Well, I think I’ve put off picking an outfit for tonight long enough! I hope everyone had a great holiday, and I can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing for New Year’s Eve! We don’t do anything for NYE, so I’ll probably be in the same jammies you see above, drinking wine and trying to stay up until midnight. 🙂

Now, to raid the closet!


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