Pre-winter Hiking

IMG_3475Last week, right before the first big snowstorm of the year, we had a random day where the temperature hit in the 50s…but only in the early morning. By that night, it was in the 20s-30s and snowing. I decided to take my only chance for a good, warm hike in what I can only assume will be months.

So I suited up early in the morning, and set off for what was a pretty average hike. The leaves are now done changing, and have mostly fallen, so things around the park look a bit dreary. However, this only amplifies the bright green of the moss throughout the park, which was pretty in its own way, I guess.

IMG_3478The only eventful thing happened right at the end of my hike, where I had to cross the small river that runs through the park. The easiest way to get back to my car is to cross over stepping stones (I’m sure I posted pics of it during the summer). Luckily for me, the water wasn’t too deep and I could use them.

When I arrived, I noticed a class full of 8-9 year old kids out for a morning field trip. They saw me, and instantly started to yell and carry on about whether or not I could make it. I’ve done this several times before, so I told them it was no big deal.

Cue, right in that instance, my foot slipping on one of the stones, and my foot plopping right into about a foot of icy cold water. Way to go, Heather. Really graceful.

The kids asked if I was alright, I said “Yes, my foot’s fine. My pride, maybe not.” Their teacher had a good laugh at that one. So much for being the super badass lady at the park. Nope, I’m the klutz that almost drowned (total exaggeration, but hey, they’re kids). IMG_3493I’m glad that I managed to get out before the weather got too bad, even if I had to drive home with no left shoe on. Hiking in the snow in this park is a bit dangerous (I remember clearly from earlier in the year), so I was glad to have a chance to enjoy it.

Well, I’m off to grade some exams before heading out for the evening to…you guessed it…another exam! I’ll be so glad when they’re over. Hope you’re all having a great week, and for those of you dealing with snowy weather, stay warm!


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