Final Exams are Here!

For every student who complains that they have to take a final exam, or hell, even a few, remember that I’ll be staring down a pile of about 60 of them that I have to read, grade, and get posted online. Given half of my exams are going to be given on Friday, that means a long week and next weekend will be pretty much a bust.

I plan to get through it the same way I assume many college professors do:

That’s right – lots of wine. Maybe some chocolate. But definitely some wine. 🙂

For those of you taking exams this week, I wish you the best of luck. However, the one thing better than luck is to STUDY!

For those of you grading exams this week, hang in there – it’ll all be over soon, and you can get on with your holiday parties, and preparing for next semester. Ha…and you thought we teachers got a break. We don’t…we really don’t.

For those of you who are neither taking or grading exams, I offer you a small challenge:

Think back to one teacher who you feel was the best/most inspiring/most understanding, and send them a note to say hi, and to thank them for whatever it was they did to make them so memorable. This is one time of the year many teachers are tired, stressed, and could definitely use a pick me up. Sure, all the goofy gifts from kids each year are great (unless you’re working at my college, where professors can’t accept gifts…boo), but a heartfelt “thank you” means a lot more.

Shit, it’s way past my bedtime. Time to head to bed! Hope you all have a great finals week…or just a great week!

Oh, before I go – if you want to find out what the best teachers are like…or just want a good laugh, check this out:

Buzzfeed’s “The 30 Best Teachers Of All Time”



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