Fall Haul #3: Burlington Coat Factory

Much like my last post about shopping at Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory is another store I haven’t set foot in for years. I used to shop here all the time when I was a poor college student, but until recently the quality and selection of their clothes was horrible. It was always disorganized and far too chaotic for me. This is another store that’s a lot closer to me now, so I thought I’d give this one a try, and again, I was pleasantly surprised. I came home with a few things I know are more trendy than staples, but at the prices I paid, I’m cool with trying out a few trends before dropping serious cash on them.

Fall Haul #3: Burlington Coat Factory

IMG_3241Purple Dress (with belt, not shown), $19.99

Dresses are something I should start to invest in more, especially for work, but they’re such a pain to find in a flattering fit. Many dresses are too tight around my bust, or don’t sit right and make me look pregnant (which no one who isn’t pregnant wants). This dress is absolutely beautiful on me, hugs all the right places, and is made of a thick fabric. It’s great with a pair of tights and boots or heels, and would probably look good with a blazer or cardigan for chillier days. It’s also super comfortable, which is what all clothes should be, right?

IMG_3260Green Flannel Shirt, $16.99

I’ve been on the hunt for a comfortable, green flannel shirt for a while. This one looks great with jeans, and is extremely comfortable. My husband jokes that it makes me look like a “lady lumberjack,” but I don’t care because it feels like I’m wearing pajamas out in public. I bought it sized a bit smaller than I was planning to, but I think it works really well under most of my cream/white sweaters without bunching up. It’s a great staple for winter, and I can’t wait to wear it more often!

IMG_3277Skinny Jeans, $19.99

I’m picky about jeans, especially skinny jeans. Being only 5’3″, it’s tough to find ones that are short enough and aren’t to small in the butt (a weird phenomenon in skinny jeans – short sizes always seem smaller, too). These fit really well, and I’ve been wearing them a lot lately. They’re stretchy, soft, and fit like a glove – what more could you want?

IMG_3283Patterned Ankle-length Trousers, $7.98

That’s right – $8 clearance pants! They fit amazingly, are just short enough to look like ankle-length, and not like someone who was dumb and bought pants that were too short. The pattern is subtle, and they’re a thicker fabric that’s very comfortable on chilly days. They look amazing with heels, a silk blouse, and my pink blazer. I got a lot of compliments on them at work – and I was glad to brag up the price!

There were a lot more things I wanted to come home with, but I tried to keep things in a reasonable budget this time around. There is a black and gold pleather skirt I might try to go back for someday that I think will be perfect for holiday parties – but I’m not banking on it being there anymore.

All in all, this was a far more successful shopping trip than I anticipated. The quality of the clothes were better than they used to be, and while the prices were a tad higher, I can live with it for the occasional steal of $8 pants.

Check back for more Fall Hauls this week!


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