Fall Haul #2: Marshalls

In addition to shopping online, another new place I decided to try this year was Marshalls. I now live down the street from one, and thought I’d give them a shot. I had been to one before, but it wasn’t that great, so I was skeptical at first. Let’s just say that around here, Marshalls and TJMaxx vary a lot depending on where you live. This one was a lot better, and I came home with some great stuff.

Fall Haul #2: Marshalls

I have to admit, I actually made two trips to Marshalls. The first trip was a bit rushed, and I came home with what you see below. I made a second trip the next day to pick up the coat, after sleeping on it and realizing it was something I needed, not just wanted. IMG_3102

I don’t remember for sure, but I think the tights were $4 each. They are super comfortable, and keep my legs warm on the chilly days we’ve been having lately. Tights are something I have more of than I probably need, but they are great for stretching my late summer/fall outfits into winter.

The glass was a last-minute find, and since it was only $1 on clearance, it was an easy impulse buy. I’m currently using it in my bathroom, and it’s a great, simple addition to my bathroom decor. IMG_3105

As I said earlier, I actually tried this coat on during my first trip there, but decided to sleep on it before going back the next day and snatching it up. It was $50, and I’ve already gotten a lot of wear out of it.

I’m telling you, if you don’t own a coat like this, you should really consider it. I instantly feel 20% more badass when wearing it, and it’s pretty warm too! I like wearing it with my lighter fall pieces (since it’s a bit tight if I try to pack a sweater under it), and it looks great with almost anything I own. I never saw myself as a (faux) leather jacket kind of girl, but it’s growing on me quickly. I’m already considering getting one in a lighter cream. IMG_3236

Even with my busy schedule, it’s great having this store right down the street. Sure, it’s a bit dangerous for my wallet, and I’m usually the youngest person in there by a few years (or decades, depending on the day), but it turns out Marshalls has more for me than they ever used to, and for that I’m pretty excited!


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