Fall Haul #1: Uniqlo

Last month, I decided to dive into the world of online shopping. I don’t do this very often, and hardly ever with clothes. I find that it’s better for me to go try things on before purchasing them, which is also a great excuse to waste a boring afternoon.

However, with how busy I’ve been lately, I thought I’d give it a go. I started my fall shopping this year online at Uniqlo, since I liked a lot of things on their website, everything was reasonably priced, and their returns are super easy if you don’t like something. I was also on the hunt for a few specific things I couldn’t find in my area, and their website seemed to have it all.

Overall, their website is super easy to navigate and full of the right kinds of information. All you need is a tape measure if you’re unsure about sizing, and they’ll tell you in great detail what will/won’t fit.

Here is what I bought. It’s nothing too crazy, but I will definitely use their site again for other things. Their sleepwear looks really cozy, and while I am hesitant to buy jeans online, I might give them a go soon.

Without further ado…

Fall Haul #1: Uniqlo

IMG_3248Premium Cotton Tee in off-white, $3.90
(There is no link to this on their site as they’re not currently selling them. I would check back to their website in the spring to see if they re-introduce them!)

You really can’t beat a $4 tee, and this one I find myself picking up quite often. It’s just thick enough that my bra isn’t showing (a common problem with white shirts), so I can wear it to work with a pair of skinny jeans, a black blazer, and heels. I got it in XL, so it’s also a bit baggier than my other tees, and I love that. It’s long, baggy, and perfect. My only regret was not buying this in every color they have!

IMG_3255Premium Cotton Turtleneck in black, $12.90

Another staple I was looking for this fall/winter was a black turtleneck. I have turtleneck sweaters, but in my (sometimes) hot classrooms, they’re too much. I also sized this up to an XL so it would be a little bit baggy. It’s great with skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and boots. It also looks pretty tucked into a black and white patterned skirt that I can rock at work. I never thought I’d buy a turtleneck again after the ’90s, but here we are. I still won’t buy Birkenstocks, though, no matter how much you all try to get me to.

IMG_3289Fleece Blanket in dark green/blue plaid, $19.90

This was actually something I featured in an earlier post, and for $20, I couldn’t say no to it. I will warn you, it’s small, so it’s not a picnic blanket size or anything. However, for sitting on during a freezing cold football game? It was just the right size. It’s super soft and thick, and comes with convenient snaps so you can convert it to a coverup/cape, which my 4 year old niece thought was hilarious. I didn’t care, though – I wasn’t in the mood to look cool in the 30-ish degree weather. I wanted to be warm, and it definitely helped with that.

IMG_3268Cable Knit Sweater in natural, $29.90

I decided to end with my absolute favorite new sweater EVER. I also sized up to an XL so it fits more like a tunic, it’s SO comfortable! I’ve worn it more times than I care to admit – it looks great, and I feel like I’m getting away with being lazy in it. I was looking around for a long time for a sweater like this, and it exceeded my expectations. They have this sweater in a bunch of great colors, like a dark red, green, and navy – I’m tempted to buy the in the other colors, but maybe in a smaller size so they’re not quite tunic-size. The red one, especially, looks like it would look amazing with a flannel shirt poking out from underneath it, black skinny jeans, and some booties for the holidays. I think I just talked myself into that purchase!

(*I just checked on their website, and they’re sold out of the red ones…damn!)

Stay tuned for more Fall Hauls in the next couple weeks! I have a few more places I ended up this fall, and hopefully you are having as much fun shopping for cozy fall and winter pieces as I am!


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