Back to Normal



I know, I’ve been gone for a lot longer than I had hoped.

Life sucks sometimes.

Between work stress, earlier than usual mornings and later than usual nights, getting a cold, and some other things I’d rather not get into, the blog ended up on the back-burner. Every day I thought about doing something, and didn’t. I felt guilty about it every damn time, but something inside me just said “take a break.”

So I did.

I’ve had posts waiting to be written, photos waiting to be edited, and old posts that needed fixing. I wanted to start working on design-related things on the blog, and figure out a better way to utilize social networking more consistently. My first blogiversary is coming up soon, and I want to do something special for it.

Slowly but surely, I’m making a dent in all of it. The posts with no photos should be fixed now (turns out Flickr had issues with a month’s worth of photos…sigh), and I have another month’s worth of photos edited and ready to go. There will be more posts soon, and while I don’t know exactly what I want to do for my blogiversary, I’ll think of something.

My original plan for the blogiversary was to go “public” with the blog to my family and friends, but I don’t feel quite ready for that yet. I might wait on it until after the new year instead, but we’ll see.

For now, I’ll get you all caught up on what I’ve been up to lately. Be prepared for a few hauls, some “Life Lately” posts, and a whole crap ton of photos!


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