Frustration on the Home Front


Nope, that’s not me casually drinking wine out of a plastic cup by the window. That’s murky water seeping in through my bedroom window. Yuck.

D. and I woke up two weekends ago with a crash of water coming into our bedroom window. I set up the plastic cup and some towels, then contacted our apartment to have them fix whatever the problem was.

They showed up that Friday – six days later.

Turns out the seal between our chimney and the roof was coming apart, so the guy went up on the roof and (supposedly) fixed it. It rained later that afternoon and things seemed to be better.

That is, until last Sunday.

Two days after it rained, I was upstairs trying to take a nap, when I looked up and saw this: 


That, my friends is another leak. This time, the ceiling is leaking, and also running down the side of our window again. If you look closely in the photo above, you can also see on the top of the window something that looks like mildew.

It’s mildew.

And potentially mold, too. I’ve cleaned that window with bleach twice, and it keeps coming back. That kinds scares me a little.

So again, I contacted our apartment manager to tell them it’s leaking worse than before, and after being sick that whole week, I was starting to suspect that the newly-found mold/mildew might be to blame.

I have yet to hear from them.

They did come out last week to check our heating unit to make sure it worked, but still haven’t said a word about the leak. It’s currently raining as I write this, and I’m in my bedroom watching closely to see how bad this really gets.

I’m sure you can understand why I’m frustrated. Part of why I haven’t been blogging much lately is that I have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to handle this situation, and the many other little things that need fixing around here. I keep contacting our apartment complex to no avail, and since I know now that they will enter our apartment without our knowing about it, I can only contact them on days I know I’ll be home.

I also had some decorating projects in the works, especially with this room. However, since I’m not sure what they will/won’t do in terms of fixing the leaks and the mold/mildew, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. For all I know, we may have to break another lease with this place and be done with them for good, which means another move and another apartment to decorate. Most people would be excited about that, but I’m tired.

I’m ready to put down my roots somewhere, but everywhere we go lately isn’t worth staying. Between bedbugs, terrible carpet, and now this, I’m growing tired of taking down and hanging up pictures, buying and renovating furniture, packing and unpacking, and pleading endlessly for my husband to let me put our mattress on a bed frame.

Our home doesn’t feel like one, and that might be the most frustrating thing of all.


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