Wishful Thinking


On Thursday, I decided to take a break from everything that has been stressing me out lately and head out to Yellow Springs for the afternoon. Since it was a nice day outside, I took my laptop with me in the hopes that I could find a nice, quiet place to get some blogging done, or at least edit some photos.


I tried out a coffee shop I’ve never tried before, Dino’s Cappuchinos, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Their iced coffee was pretty good, and the guys working there were really nice (not common around where I live).

After setting up at a picnic table near the visitor’s center, I ended up finding a decent wifi signal and spent a little while catching up on blogs I hadn’t read throughout the week. While it wasn’t the best place to try to read anything off a computer screen, it was good enough.

As I was getting up to leave, a woman walked by and asked me if I had noticed the tree behind me, covered in ribbons. I told her I did, but didn’t pay too much attention to it because I assumed it was something kids did for a school project (a pretty common thing around here). She told me that a bunch of people in town got together to make a “wishing tree,” where people could write down their wishes on ribbons, and hang them up in the tree.


I’m usually a total cynic when it comes to this kind of thing. I find it hokey, and a waste of perfectly good ribbon. However, I decided to hear the woman out. She read me a few of her favorites hanging from the brances, and even pointed out that some “grown-ass adults” took their ribbons and climbed up into the tree to hang them as high as they could. I warmed up to the idea when she talked about how grown adults were having so much fun with it. It’s like they were given free license to do something we’ve always been told we shouldn’t do anymore – wish for things, and leave it to the universe to do the rest.

I don’t know if it was the insanely good coffee, the beautiful day, or the woman being so nice to a total stranger, but I caved in and decided it was kind of a nice thing to do. I also thought about how cool this is going to look as the leaves change, and eventually fall off. A colorful reminder in the midst of winter that people still dream. So I dragged myself over there and tied my wish up to the tree, giving it to the universe to do with it what it wants.


It says, “Aside from 3 more wishes…a fulfilling career, a happy home, and more chocolate than I can eat!” I figured that covered the bases for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

As I was leaving, two mechanics walked up to the picnic table with their lunches. We said hello, and I started to head toward my car. On my way to the car, I could hear them asking each other, “Do you think mine’s still up there? Oh cool, it is! Hey, do you wanna look at it? It’s a good one!”

In that moment I realized that, no matter how silly it sounds, sometimes it’s good to let go of being a stuffy, responsible, mature adult and just dream.

I’m really hoping that part about the chocolate comes true soon. You hear that, universe? The rest of the wish I know will take a while, but the chocolate seems easy enough to pull off. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I realize now the images weren’t working today. Hopefully it’s fixed now!


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