Life Lately


I know I haven’t been updating much lately. Life has been a busy series of ups and downs, and blogging took a backseat to all of it.

Last week, I finally got around to replacing my flat bike tire. It was a lot easier to do than I thought it would be, all thanks to a couple good YouTube tutorials. However, it was the back tire, so when I put the chain back on I don’t think I did it right. Guess I’ll be back on YouTube soon to fix that. And re-calibrate my brakes – I’m pretty sure that’s half the reason why my bike ride on Sunday was so difficult!


I caved in at work last week and got some Panera for lunch. I tried their new chicken bacon avocado sandwich. It was good, but VERY messy! The person who made it didn’t do the greatest job, since one side had no avocado, and the other side was all avocado. It was still pretty damn good, though.


I spent a good portion of last week looking up some new recipes to try out. Not sure what it is about fall, but it always gets me more inspired to try new things out in the kitchen. It’s probably because with the 90+ degree temperatures lately, I haven’t felt like cooking at all. Now that it’s not so hot outside, I can get back in the kitchen with a bit more excitement.


I’m starting to get back outside for more bike rides and hikes. After trying to hunt down some new bike trails and hiking parks, and getting lost more than necessary, I decided that it might just be worth it to make the 30 minute drive back to where I used to ride and hike. I know it’s not the best idea, but it’s one of my favorite places to relax and get my sweat on. So for now, I make the trip a few times each week and try to be okay with that. I need it, and the sacrifice of my time and gas is worth it for now.


Since the weather was actually nice on Tuesday, I opened up all the windows in our apartment to air the place out. I also managed to spend my afternoon outside grading papers. It was great, and I hope that I get to do more of this in the next few weeks.

I didn’t take any photos on Wednesday because for the first time in years, I cancelled classes and stayed home sick. To be honest, I did manage to get to my 8:00am class, but only made it about 5 minutes before I told them I couldn’t handle it and went home. I hate canceling classes, especially since I work at an all-commuter college, but it was either that or I kept running out of the room every few minutes to well, you know. 😉 I spent most of yesterday in bed or on the couch, and didn’t really start feeling better until later in the evening.

Even on Thursday (as I write this), I’m still not 100% – but that could also be due to being woken up by water crashing through our bedroom window. Sigh. So I guess I spent my Thursday waiting on maintenance to tell me how they plan to patch up (but not actually fix) the leaking roof.

Well, I’m off to do some fall shopping now that I have finally gotten paid! Hope you’re all having a great Friday, and have a nice weekend!


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