Office Decor Project #2: Frame Game

IMG_2666While I was busy working on my new bulletin board, I decided to take the opportunity to add a few more things to my office wall. Since I am trying to keep this to a small budget, I chose to hang some artwork up that didn’t cost a lot, and use frames I already had around the house.

I started out with three frames I originally had hanging up in our old dining room. I was tired of the turquoise frames, so I decided to paint them up and fill them with new pictures. I only ended up using two of the frames, and left one for something else I might want to add later. IMG_2663


IMG_2679The gold enamel took a good 4 coats to completely cover the frame. I’m sure if I was more patient, and sanded between coats, it wouldn’t have taken so long. It turned out pretty nicely in the end, though…and a whole lot cheaper than trying to buy a new frame.IMG_2681Sorry for the terrible photo, but it was getting dark in my dining room where I was painting. The black acrylic paint went on like a dream, and only took two coats. I also painted the back panel of the gold frame in black to showcase what I put in the frame later.IMG_2669While waiting for the frames to dry, I decided to use a simple snap-in frame for a small print I found at a thrift shop for 69 cents. Easiest update to the apartment so far!IMG_2670Once I was done painting, and everything was dry, I got to putting everything back together and up on the wall.

As you can see, in the gold frame I used a Nancy Drew book cover. I got the book at a used book store for $6, and while that’s not exactly cheap when you consider I only used it for the cover, I thought the colors worked well with everything else on the wall, and pays homage to a book series I read throughout my childhood.

The black frame houses the same photo that was in it before, and the flower print is in a simple, snap-in frame. I also completely forgot I had another frame like that with a Rodolphe Salis print, so I slapped that up on the wall to complete the wall for now.IMG_2740I’m planning to keep on adding to this over time, but I figured this was a great way to start. I have a few ideas of things I want to add to my office space, but for now I’m mostly shopping around for another desk chair to replace the one that recently fell apart.

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend, and you’re getting back into the swing of things. Remember – it’s only a 4 day week…Friday will be here before you know it!

I’m off to find a new bike trail today, and I’m sure I’ll share it with you some time soon!



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