First Day of School

Good morning!

It’s 7:00am, and I’m just hopping on to check in with everyone. It has been an insane week of trying to get ready for classes, but the time has finally arrived.

I slept, like, not at all. I never do. Even as a teacher, that anticipation for the first day of school is there. It probably also doesn’t help that I had to get up about 3 hours earlier than I have all year (hello, 6:00am…it’s been a while). The sun is only now starting to peek out.

I’d love to say I’m looking forward to a new year, but right now I’m just glad that I got up on time and put on makeup. Hell, I’m even wearing my hair down. The only reason I’m wearing a dress is because after a summer of illness, moving, and way too much comfort food, none of my dress pants fit anymore. Oops. Dresses and skirts are far more forgiving.

Well, I’d hate to bore you any more with my early-morning tired rambling. What I will do is leave you with this:

I didn’t get to watch the VMA’s because I had to go to bed early, and D. is a bigger Breaking Bad fanatic. Don’t ruin too much for me – I’ll have to watch it later when I get home for my 1 hour dinner break. šŸ™‚ I hear N’SYNC got the gang back together, but beyond that, it’s all still news to me!


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