Sorry for the lack of posting lately. It’s been crazy around here.

Today I’m off to work for the first time in a few weeks. I have to drop off some copies for the fall classes, and pick up an updated textbook. Would have been nice to know there was a new textbook before now, but whatever. The school I work at isn’t great about telling us things like that.

I also have to stop by the old apartment today to do some last minute stuff, like vacuum again and replace burnt out bulbs. I went over there last week to get mail and check up on the place, and there were TONS of pill bugs all over the living room. I guess I never realized how often I vacuumed to get rid of them – turns out I must have been doing it a lot.

But once I hand over those keys…I’m finally done with that place! It’ll be nice to have one less thing to worry about!

Oh, and since my favorite hiking/biking place is between work and the old apartment, I might sneak away for a bike ride later too. I’ve been missing it like crazy. But that all depends on how long things take at work and the apartment.

Sorry for nothing interesting today, but I promise I’ll try to be back tomorrow with something a bit more fun.

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