Back On Track

IMG_2538One area of my life that fell by the way side while we were moving was eating healthy. I found it insanely difficult to cook healthy when half of my kitchen was packed in boxes. It was even harder the first few days we were here because ALL of my kitchen was packed in boxes.

We also live around a lot of good restaurants now, and my husband has been doing a horrible job of convincing me I need to try them all. Not great for my waistline, and definitely not great for our budget. I was also under a ton of stress with the double-move, summer classes ending, and just generally wearing myself out, so I never really felt like cooking.

Now that we’ve been here for a couple weeks, we’re finally getting back into our regular routines. I’m back to making breakfasts that don’t involve doughnuts or croissants, and lately have gotten into having oatmeal in the morning with half an apple chopped up and put into it. Anna Saccone of The SacconyJolys does that from time to time, and it sounded good, so I tried it. It’s a great way to start the day!IMG_2469I also made a Trader Joe’s trip last week to pick up some supplies for making my own dinners. We’re still sticking with making our own dinners twice each week, and I have been loving some spinach tortellini with tomato basil sauce, and a huge heap of green beans. After doing the vegetarian challenge in April, I found that when given the chance to pick what I want for dinners, I rarely grab meat anymore. IMG_2562These things are also some of my favorite snacks when I’m on the go – so glad that Trader Joe’s is so close to our new place! I love taking these to school with me for a snack in between classes, especially when I don’t really get much of a lunch break. They’re small, tasty, and just enough calories to get me through the morning.

I’m hoping to keep the healthy eating going, especially once school starts and I’m not able to come home for lunches anymore. The school I work at just converted some offices and our teacher’s lounge into a bookstore, so packing a lunch is going to be tricky now without a fridge, but I’ll manage. I’m seeing a lot of turkey sandwiches and smoothies in my future…haha!


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