The (Home) Office

One of the first spaces I want to try and finish before classes start in a couple weeks is my home office. I will be working from home two days during the week, and I need this space to be well on it’s way…or at the absolute least, functional.IMG_2547It’s a tiny space, about 4′ x 5′, but with a little bit of work should be plenty of space for me to have a small office. It’s actually the eat-in kitchen area, with the kitchen behind me in the photo, and the laundry room behind the curtains. I like the location of it, the amount of light coming in, and the giant blank wall as a canvas to fill.

The curtains were the first thing I added to the room. Our dryer was too big, so we had to get rid of the doors for curtains instead (which I like better anyway). They are from Target, if you wanted to know.IMG_2560

IMG_2559Next, I decided to shop around for a rug. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of options out there for 4′ x 4′ square rugs – and everything else I liked was too big for the room. In the end, I scrapped the idea of finding the perfect rug, and went with something a lot easier and a LOT cheaper:IMG_2553I decided to go with something I could customize to the size of my floor, and Flor tiles turned out to be the perfect thing. I went with the Fedora in Charcoal, and for $8/square, I only had to spend $40 to get a rug that would have cost easily twice that. They also cut tiles for you if you want for around $3/tile, so I had them cut one in half. For my space, I used 2.5 tiles across and 2 tiles deep. It worked out perfectly!IMG_2549The tiles are insanely easy to put together. They come with little stickers that you place where the tiles meet in the corners. Once they’re stuck, it takes a couple hours for them to really stick, but once they do, they stay put. I have rolled my desk chair over them a ton since I installed them and it doesn’t bother the tiles one bit.

I’m now tempted to buy another row so that I don’t roll off the back of the carpet when I’m at my desk, but I’ll live with it for a while before making that decision.IMG_2557I know it’s not much to look at yet, but I’m working on it. I need to get a new bulletin board, hang some artwork and maybe some shelves. Also on the agenda is finding a way to hide that printer when I’m not using it, but with the filing cabinet under the desk, it’s hard to figure out an easy place to store it. Might have to work on that for a while.

If only I could just snap my fingers and find Jenna Lyons’ office in my kitchen nook. Seriously, I want that desk:image c/o Fast Company



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