Operation Home Alone

No, I’m not talking about the movie.

My husband decided that for his birthday, he wanted to get the guys together for a night of gaming, beer, and junk food. We’re anticipating this will be our last summer in Ohio, so he really wanted to have one last get-together before we move on to far away lands. So last weekend, he invited all the guys he’s pretty much known since childhood down to spend the night at his brother’s condo (which is much larger than our apartment). They had a blast, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.

While it was fun to see all the guys, I was really looking forward to them leaving to head to my brother in law’s house because for the first time in FOUR YEARS, I had an entire evening home alone.

You see, my husband is disturbingly clingy. He doesn’t like spending time away from me, especially overnight. Since we moved in together in 2007, we’ve only spent a night apart a few times. I can really only remember two: once when I went to Louisville for a convention, and the night before our wedding. Neither time went well for him – he was a total mess.

While I love him dearly, his anxiety over taking a night off now and then bothers me. It always has. He thinks it’s endearing, and I think it’s suffocating. I can barely go to the grocery store alone without him having some kind of fit. So you can imagine my excitement over having the whole house to myself for an entire night.

It didn’t start out all that well. He kept coming back over every couple hours after everyone left, but after the third time I told him to knock it off. His complete lack of independence lately is grinding my gears, and I think after I convinced him that I wasn’t having a party or cheating on him (also completely stupid), he finally left and stayed away for the rest of the night. I had plans, and he was messing them up a bit. 🙂

Anyway…here’s what I did for my only night alone in YEARS. IMG_2500


IMG_2513Lately, D. has been insisting on only eating turkey burgers. I don’t mind them, in fact, I really like them. But I had been craving a real burger for weeks, so I set out to make myself a dinner I wouldn’t normally make when D. is home. He’s also been trying to cut back on carbs, which means I don’t get to eat macaroni and cheese much either. So I went all out and had both. I made myself one bacon cheeseburger, some macaroni and cheese, and to keep at least one thing healthy, a nice tall glass of water.

I enjoyed my dinner while catching up on a couple episodes of the YouTube channel,  The SacconyJolys. They’re a family in Ireland that films their daily life, and I’ve been a fan of them for a few years now. It’s nice to watch a reality show that is actually based in reality – that, and they’re really nice, down to earth people.IMG_2518Another thing I’ve been putting off for weeks was dying my hair, so I took advantage of the quiet time alone to get that done. It was like a mini-spa evening, which was well needed after weeks of moving, sweating constantly, and generally being a stressed out mess.IMG_2529Once my hair was dyed and I was thoroughly relaxed, I cracked open some wine we bought on our vacation to Put-in-Bay. I’ve liked all the wines we got there, and can’t wait to head back for more, maybe in the fall.IMG_2535I decided to end my night with a little snack (they guys weren’t the only ones who had a candy craving), a couple episodes of Downton Abbey, and a nice at-home mani/pedi. At the end of the night, I headed to bed and slept like the dead. It was amazing.

In the end, it was just the evening I need to unwind and de-stress. D. had a great time with the guys, and even seemed alright when he came home the next morning.

I’m hoping that he’ll do more things like this in the future, but I highly doubt it. So for now, I’m just glad I got this one chance. Maybe in another four years I’ll get another. 😉


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