Let’s Try This Again

After a VERY long week of dealing with an apartment in horrible condition, and then discovering bedbugs, I wasn’t sure if we were ever going to figure out what to do with our impending move. It has been stressful, overwhelming, and incredibly tense around here.

However, life must go on, and finding a new place to live was at the top of our list. After discussing our options with our apartment managers, they felt so bad about what happened that they offered to move us into a much larger, more updated apartment for the price we were already paying for the smaller one.

Breaking our lease was definitely an option, and after spending a few days looking at other places to move instead, it was a tough decision. But after looking at the new apartment being offered to us, and going over everything with a fine-toothed comb, we decided to stay with the same complex, and take their offer.

So, without further ado…

Our New Place: The Before Photos


When you first walk in the front door (which is just to the right of the photo), it leads down a narrow hallway to the kitchen. On the left is a door leading to the half bathroom, and to the right is a large coat closet. IMG_2394


IMG_2396At the end of the hall is the kitchen, which is a decent size. It doesn’t have as much storage as the kitchen in the other apartment, but it doesn’t have bedbugs, so it’ll do.IMG_2398If you turn around from where I was standing in the last photo, there is a breakfast nook, and to the left of that is the washer/dryer closet. I have big plans for this space, but I can’t share them with you yet – it’s kind of a surprise for D., and since I’m 99% sure he found this blog already, I won’t tell you about it just yet. He’s been making dumb hints about me starting my own blog, even though he thinks that people who do are lame or boring. So I won’t share what my plans are just yet…you’ll have to wait until sometime in August. IMG_2401I tried really hard to get a decent photo of the living room, but with my iPhone it was just not gonna happen. It’s huge, and has it’s own fireplace. Arranging furniture in here is going to be tricky, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.IMG_2424To the right of the living room is the dining room, which is HUGE. Our tiny dining table is definitely going to be dwarfed in such a small space, but I have a few ideas of ways to make it seem a bit more cozy. On the right side of the dining room wall is the door that leads into the kitchen, if that makes sense?IMG_2425


Heading upstairs, we have a huge ceiling that lets in tons of light…not that you can tell from my crappy iPhone picture. But trust me, it’s bright in there!IMG_2403The upstairs has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. I’ve never lived somewhere with that many bathrooms, but I plan to take full advantage of the chance to have one to myself.

The first door to the right is one of the bathrooms, and the second door to the right is a huge walk-in closet. To the right is a linen closet. Around the corner to the left is the master bedroom, and straight ahead is a smaller bedroom.IMG_2405This is the bathroom on the right in the picture above. Yep, yellow tile. Bright yellow tile, not unlike John and Sherry’s guest bathroom in their second home. I’m actually excited to work with it, since most apartment bathrooms are usually boring white. IMG_2406

IMG_2407This is the walk-in closet in the upstairs hallway. I have big plans for this space as well, but again…it’s a surprise in case D. is busy snooping. IMG_2410This is the smaller bedroom, which is perfect for a home office. It has a smaller closet, which isn’t a big deal given this place is riddled with closets the size of most bedrooms.IMG_2411 IMG_2412This is the master bedroom. Again, it was hard to take photos that did it any justice. It’s huge, and I’m hoping to maybe sneak a reading nook in here, but we’ll see.IMG_2413

IMG_2420The master bath is a decent size, and has a shower. I’m kind of glad it has one with glass doors, so I don’t have to buy a whole new shower curtain and all that. I’m kind of hoping that D. will take this one as “his” bathroom (if you’re reading this…haha). IMG_2415The grand finale is probably the biggest reason I chose to go with this place (besides all the space, of course) – it has a huge back deck area that looks right into a sizable yard. It’s so nice that we’ll be able to look out and see this, rather than a parking lot or another apartment building! IMG_2431So there it is – our new place! We are moving in officially tomorrow, but I have been moving things in smaller trips earlier in the week (we got the keys on Tuesday). I am also going to be busy measuring for curtains, since this place has a lot of windows, and they all seem to be an oddball size. Also have to get crackin’ on what I plan to do with some of the extra spaces throughout the apartment, and trying to work our current furniture into the new space.

But for now, I’m planning to spend the evening relaxing with some turkey burgers, kettle cooked chips, and a couple of these: IMG_2392Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again

  1. kettle chips and alcohol always makes life seem more pleasant! Have fun and enjoy moving in with all your things, it is amazing how places can change once you have your own things moved in!

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