When Life Hands You Lemons: Part 2

IMG_2342I was supposed to tell you all about our big move this past weekend. I had tons of “before” photos, and great advice on making your move run more smoothly.

We didn’t move this weekend.

Get ready…this is going to be a long, awful story.

I last left you on Tuesday, after we had picked up the keys to our new place and found it in shambles. After a long, angry talk with our management, we got them to send over a maintenance guy on Wednesday to fix all of the things we were concerned about. He was great, and actually spent the entire day working on things that should have been done before we moved in.

On Thursday, I had to spend all day at the new place to wait on the gas to be turned on. They decided to schedule it between 7:30am and 6:00pm – that’s right, it’s an 11-hour window. I also had to be there for the cable guy and the carpet cleaners, so I decided to make a day of it. I packed up my car with my clothes and boxes I already packed, and brought along my “move in cleaning kit” (I also took my vacuum cleaner, which will be important to the story later): IMG_2295The gas company showed up at 8:30am, so I actually had time to make two trips to bring some of my stuff to the new place well before everyone else showed up. I even had time to grab a small snack/lunch: IMG_2322This is where shit goes downhill.

After lunch, I decided to unpack my clothes into my new closet, put my boxes in the office, and do some vacuuming. I was wrapping up vacuuming the upstairs hallway when I found this little piece of shit:IMG_2325That right there is a bed bug. A motherf***ing BED BUG. I found about half a dozen others in the hallway and bedroom with all my office stuff stacked up in it.

I called the apartment management immediately, made it VERY clear that I didn’t bring them into the apartment – and told them that according to Ohio law, this is grounds for breaking our lease. My husband and I were both furious because this was just another problem we couldn’t handle…and this one is WAY worse than broken mini-blinds.

After waiting on the cable and carpet companies (who showed up right after I called management), I started to furiously research online what the hell I was going to do with the clothes and books I just moved into a bed bug-infested home. I’ll probably do a separate post later this week on how I handled all of that. It has been a long, frustrating process that probably deserves it’s own post.

My day ended with coming home to some sorbet, which makes everything a little bit better. Even finding out all of your clothes, shoes, and books are potentially garbage. 🙂IMG_2305

As it turns out, we’re lucky I found the bed bugs when I did – before we had a chance to move any furniture into the place. Had I found bed bugs after we had moved everything in, we probably would have had to throw away most of our furniture…and I do NOT have the money to replace all of that.

We’re also lucky that we have a month overlap in our leases. We don’t have to be out of this apartment until August 15, so it’s not a huge problem that we have to stay for another week or so. Things would have been a lot crazier if we had to be out of this place the same time we were moving into the new one. That would have been far worse than us just living in a packed-up apartment for another week. Though if you ask my husband, my packing up the kitchen is getting to him – for a guy who survived with barely a kitchen in college, he sure got sad when I told him the mini spatula was at the bottom of a box. 🙂

So instead of moving last weekend, we’re now waiting to see if our new apartment complex can move us into a different unit. We’re going to look at one on Tuesday, and deciding from there if we will move there, or break our lease and find a new place by the time our current lease is up in August.

Everything is back up in the air again, but hopefully with school being over tomorrow, I will have more time to deal with it all. Not that I want to be doing all of this. I’ve gained 5 pounds over the past two weeks – and all the stress isn’t helping with that. :-/

I’ll try to post as much as I can, but I can’t guarantee much. It’s going to be a long week of final exams, cleaning, laundry, and more packing/unpacking. Oh, and I’m getting myself to the pool some time this week if it kills me. I need an afternoon in the sun with a pile of magazines and a daiquiri (in a plastic bottle, of course).

How was your weekend? Hopefully better than mine!


2 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lemons: Part 2

  1. I am so, SO sorry that you and your husband have to deal with this, I can’t even imagine…bed bugs are one of my greatest nightmares when it comes to renting. Hope it all gets settled soon and you find a better place, in the meantime, drowning your sorrows in sorbet and daiquiri’s sounds like a good plan 😦

    • Thanks. I’m just so glad I caught it before we moved in everything, especially the furniture – there’s no way we could have afforded replacing all of it at once!

      I just came home with some cider ale, which I will be drowning myself in while lounging at the pool. 🙂

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