Scenes from the Weekend


Got all dressed up Friday morning to go sign our lease FINALLY! We pick up the keys tomorrow, but we’ll be moving most of our stuff next weekend. I can’t wait!IMG_2176


Finally got back outside for a long bike ride Saturday morning. It was great to get out of the house and outside for a couple hours.IMG_2189

IMG_2195The rest of Saturday, I finished packing up the last of my stuff upstairs. Like my “installation art?” 😉

I’m hoping that throughout this week I can take most of this to the new place in my car, which will make things go a lot more quickly when we move the bulk of our furniture on Saturday.

We’re also going to be living internet-free on Thursday and Friday, but I’m hoping to get some posts done earlier this week to compensate. If not, don’t miss me too much – I’ll be eyeballs deep in cardboard boxes and Magic Erasers. 🙂

How was your weekend?



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