PMB July: Donating My Failed Hobby

Ten years ago, when I was a senior in college, my mom thought it would be a great idea to get me a bunch of scrapbooking supplies for Christmas (to go with my new digital camera). I don’t know what possessed her to do that, since I’m not a crafty person. She tried as hard as she could when I was growing up to get me involved in a wide variety of crafts, but I just don’t have the mind for it or the desire to stick with it. I gave it my best shot with scrapbooking, but it just got too expensive and time-consuming.

I have a weird guilt thing when it comes to getting rid of gifts…especially ones from my parents. So for years, I’ve lugged around the scrapbooking supplies from place to place, never intending on using them, but never getting the courage to get rid of it.

This stuff only came in handy once in the past 10 years, and that was to make my own wedding invitations. Even then, I had to buy most of what I used to make them, so I still wasn’t using everything I had to make the invites.

So for this move, I was determined to find a way to get rid of all the scrapbooking stuff I’ve been hanging onto. I knew I didn’t want to throw it away, and tried to give it to some of my friends and colleagues with no luck. It’s like I couldn’t get rid of it.

After doing a little bit of research, I ended up finding the YWCA of Dayton. For those who might now know what the YWCA is, according to their website they are “the largest multicultural women’s organization in the world.” The Dayton branch has childcare programs, teen programs, women’s programs, and also specialize in helping women and children who are trying to escape abuse. Their mission statement is: “YWCA Dayton is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.”I contacted them to see if they needed any sort of scrapbooking or art supplies, and they were, so I packed up what I had and took it down to their center in downtown Dayton. IMG_2132

IMG_2129I also packed up the textbooks I needed to mail back to their publishers, and a small box of books to send to my sister.IMG_2135My plans for the morning were almost thwarted, though, by a couple of rather aggressive ducks. These two ran right up to me, squawking like crazy – I swear that if I had left my car door open they would have jumped right in! They kept sneaking around the back of my car after I started it up, but even after getting out of the car and yelling at them, they wouldn’t budge. So I backed out anyway, and thankfully they got out of the way.

I’m assuming my neighbors feed these little bastards, so thank you neighbors for not abiding by the laws of nature. Now I have these two little dorks following every time I try to get my mail or get in the car. Now, you might think that feeding them would be harmless, but I can’t set a precedence with the 30 or so geese that live around us (one of which you can see in the background). They bite. I don’t really want that kind of problem every time I walk outside. IMG_2138I eventually made it out to get rid of and give away all of that stuff. I still have a Goodwill trip to make eventually, but the bulk of it is done for now.

It feels great to know that my failed hobby is going to a place that will use it to help women and children to have fun, and do something positive. If you want to learn more about the YWCA in your area, check out the following websites:

YWCA of Dayton, Ohio

YWCA Main Website

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