PMB July: Clothes Horse

Aside from packing up books, packing up clothing is one of the easiest things for me to do. In the summer, it’s even easier, because there are so many pieces that I don’t wear in the summer months that I can pack away and not worry I’ll need them. I won’t need my wool winter coats, or my cold-weather workout gear. At least I really hope not. We do live in Ohio, so you never really know…but I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine without all that.

I also learned another trick for packing clothes that I now use every time we move – use your luggage instead of boxes. Luggage is made to be packed to the brim, and often times luggage is far more weather-proof than a cardboard box, so if you end up moving in the rain, your clothes will be fine. You won’t wind up stuck with wet, stained clothes that smell like wet cardboard. No one wants that. 😉

I also apologize up front for how terrible these pictures turned out. I didn’t end up doing this until late Thursday night, and our bedroom has the worst lighting. I did the best I could, but it was so dark in there! Guess I’ll have to work on better lighting after the move.IMG_2053I start by going through my clothes and getting rid of anything that is worn out, broken, or just ready to be donated. After that, it helps me to lay everything out on my bed to see what I’m working with. I realized right away that not everything was going to fit, but I knew what I could probably fit in that bag without too much trouble. So, I made a game plan and got to folding.IMG_2056The bottom compartment managed to hold all of my blazers and two coats. I was secretly hoping that by rolling up the blazers, I could sneak a winter coat in there too, but no dice. I decided to stick the heavier blazers on the bottom because after it zipped up, it would create a nice, heavy bottom in case my bag gets thrown around during the move.IMG_2058The top compartment holds all of my sweaters, blouses, skirts, dress pants, and a few other tops I don’t wear on a regular basis. The smaller compartment on the left holds all of my scarves. After folding them all up, they fit very nicely in an extremely small space!IMG_2062Once I got the orange bag packed up and zipped up, I was left with some cold-weather workout gear, a few dresses, and my winter coats. So I broke out my smaller suitcase and got to packing that up too.IMG_2063In the end, everything fit in there nicely, along with all of my handbags and a few other small items. It might not look like it would zip up in the picture above, but it all fit in there snugly!IMG_2073Once I was done, I was left with the clothes you see above to get me through the next couple weeks. It looks like a lot, but I had to make sure to leave out a few work-friendly outfits. I kept out the essentials, and pieces I know I’ll wear a lot in the near future – all of which can be easily packed away in my overnight duffel bag later on, or in a plastic tub. 

Using luggage to pack away my clothes works great for me. I’ve found that it’s easier to pack, easier to lug everything around (both luggage bags have wheels), and so much easier to unpack later on. Sure, I still have a dresser full of clothes to pack up, but they don’t take up much space, and it’s all stuff I’m going to use over the next few weeks, like undergarments, t-shirts, tank tops, and workout clothes. I’ll save that for the last minute packing right before we move.

Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do with this closet full of empty hangers!



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